7 Things Every Guy Must Do To Avoid Getting Friend-Zoned, According To A Woman

by Sheena Reyes

Women have a bad reputation of friend-zoning men who want more.

I am going to be straight with you. We do tend to put guys there, but only if they send certain signals.

The trick is sending all the signs that this is not a friendly relationship, but rather a relationship where we get friendly.

1. Be direct.

"Can I take you out sometime?"

That's the question that clearly indicates you, as a man, want us. Be upfront from the very beginning.

Don't revert to, "Wanna hang out?"

That says friend-zone.

So guys, please take initiative to take us out on a definitive date. Which takes me to the next point.

2. Put effort into planning a date.

It's really simple. We may be dating numerous people in the early stages.

But if you're a guy who doesn't want to be friend-zoned, then please, plan some sort of outing.

3. Pay on the first date.

If you snap up and pay the bill on the first date, you cannot be friend-zoned. Especially if you explicitly call it a date before paying.

Yes, I understand that it might be old fashioned but it sends a message.

This trend doesn't have to continue as the relationship progresses but it sends the right message.

If you let the girl pay she will feel like it is the same as going to dinner with her girlfriends where everyone pays for their share.

Making your date feel like those events is a sure way to land in the friend-zone category with all her other friends.

4. Be affectionate.

When you're affectionate it gives off the impression that you want to see us in a romantic way.

Physical contact, even in the slightest, says that you don't even want to be considered for the friend-zone. Make us feel comfortable by being affectionate.

5. Text and call us regularly.

This request is not me being needy. Females enjoy genuine and consistent attention. Text us things that made you laugh throughout the day. Make us laugh.

It's not just about the moments we spend together — it's the communication when we're apart.

We love a nice text early morning or good night little message. We like to be told we're being thought of.

It's that cute side that makes us go crazy for a guy in especially in the early stages.

Check in every day. Trust me this works.

If we don't see each other most days, the least you can do is tell us that we are on your mind, even if its just funny texting banter.

Just be cautious not to overdo it on this one. If you look needy, that might slide you back into the friend-zone.

6. Remind her of your intentions.

If you're attracted to her, be upfront and honest with how you see things panning out.

If you are with her for a while and see things being long term, let her know.

If you can't stop thinking about her, let her know.

Keeping your intentions transparent will keep her from having to guess where things stand. Mixed signals are what land guys in the friend-zone.

7. Welcome her into your life.

If the opportunity arises, invite her along to meet your friends, in the early stages. You won't be friend-zoned, because there will be an innate feeling of fitting right into your circle.

Just make sure none of your friends make a move before you do.

Make her feel welcome and wanted. Make her feel secure by allowing her into your life.

The trick to all of these is to be upfront and honest, never letting it get to the point where she has to guess your intentions.