7 Reasons You Should Finally Ask Out The Girl You've Been Hooking Up With

by Kyle C.
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Singledom does have its advantages, and I strongly recommend everyone to experience several people before settling in a relationship. For guys, this bee-like behavior that drives you to explore the female behavior, their turn-ons and turn-offs, as well as your abilities to rise up to their mark, represents the foundation of your maturity, confidence and manliness. It is the first phase of growth in becoming a full-fledged man.

However, your manhood ripens only through developing some meaningful relationships in your life. This is the phase that really puts you on trial and significantly helps you grow as a person and man. Though this is a pretty good argument in itself, there are many other good grounds to get involved in a meaningful relationship.

Here are some that I consider most significant:

1. You get to know yourself at a different level.

OK, I know you were your most precious and indissoluble friend of your own self from the first moment of life, but I also know that a meaningful relationship can bring out some of your qualities that you were never aware of and, also some emotions you never can truly understand and name until you feel them.

Attachment, compassion, support, trust or love for a partner are not at all the same as when you feel them for a member of your family, a friend, a pet or yourself. They open another dimension that, once you get to know them, you'll look for it time and time again.

Indeed, not every woman in your life will appeal to your soul, yet when you do manage to find the right ones and get involved in a significant relationship with them, they'll bring out the best in you.

All in all, you only get to know yourself thoroughly when you experience this type of love and all the other positive and negative emotions that it brings along.

2. Sex is much better.

This is perhaps the most straightforward effect that the stability of a relationship offers. Sex is not only regular, but it also tends to become better once you come to know your partner thoroughly on a physical and mental level.

There's also the downside that novelty might bring about more excitement, yet as long as you are willing to make an effort, then you can refuel your sex drive and experiences every time with the same person.

Besides, when you're in a stable relationship and have established a good level of trust and openness, then at that point it is far more likely to fulfill your fetishes and indulge each other's erotic fantasies.

3. A relationship brings about positive emotions.

I've already mentioned some in the 1st point, yet the list is pretty long and starts with comfort and self-confidence and ends somewhere on the lines of longing, belonging and personal fulfillment.

Why are these so important to you (besides helping to know yourself better)? Simply because most of the time they will make you feel positive about life in general (including job, family, social life) and who you are in particular.

A meaningful relationship will make you value and enjoy life much more because it will instantly change your attitude, optimism levels and you'll become more aware of your personal potential.

4. Stability can help you save precious personal resources.

The time and effort (besides financial resources) that you used to invest into going out and hooking up when you were single can be significantly reduced when in a stable relationship.

This does not mean that you're not going to take your girlfriend out or spend time and effort on her, but instead of hovering around with no precise focus except getting a girls's number, you will be able to direct such precious personal resources on meaningful acts that draw instant results like appreciation, reassurance, intensified emotions, sex, getting support, etc.

But I guess the main point to draw from this, at least in my personal experience, is that the moment you have a stable relationship with stable sex, the moment you stop looking and spending time and resources into getting laid, is the moment you can finally feel free about investing in your career and personal success.

I have said it on countless occasions that if it wasn't for a girlfriend in general, I would have never been able to achieve half the things that I have professionally.

5. Someone is there to support you.

It has nothing to do with the fear of loneliness or feeling alienated when most of your friends are committed or married, but more to the fact that knowing there's someone that trusts in you, believes in your potential and offers you a shoulder to lean on is incredibly stimulating and encouraging.

Oftentimes, all you need for doing something better or improving yourself is someone who believes in you. Though your parents might be doing a great job at it, you'll always find them too involved to express an honest, objective opinion. Yet a partner is just the right person that can offer you support and reinforce your willpower.

6. Health and professional benefits.

Surprised? Don't be. Both physicians and psychologists have proven that stable relationships (and ultimately marriage) do bring about significant physical and mental health benefits that even enhance your life long prospective.

This includes regular sex and healthy habits (which a couple is more likely to develop and maintain together, such as regular meals) to psychological stability and enhanced professional performances.

7. It helps you grow as a person and partner.

OK, so you've come to know yourself at a different level, improved your sex life, got filled with positive emotions while saving precious personal resources, seized more health and professional benefits and you've fed your willpower with your partner's support and trust and finally, this all helps you gear up as a person and as a partner and gets you ready to “embark” on other meaningful life experiences.

In the end, though lots of men dread commitment and run from it as much as they can, you can get into a meaningful relationship that is more fun, exciting and undoubtedly rewarding than flings and bachelorhood.

The truth is that not all relationships bring about the same benefits and, of course, you'll turn out hurt, disappointed, lost and confused from some of them. Yet in order to know if something is worthwhile or futile, you first need to try it out.

Taking risks and sometimes losing is an inseparable part of winning.

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