6 Reasons You're Wrong To Think Dating A Successful Woman Is Too Much Hassle

michela ravasio

Some men have trouble dating a self-aware, established and independent woman.

Let me be clear: Some, not all, men.

Society no longer assumes men will take on a breadwinner and protective role, and women have definitely changed what it means to be successful and independent.

But still, successful and independent women often find themselves struggling in their dating lives.

Why? Let's go into the reasons.

1. Men can feel emasculated when a woman takes on the stereotypically 'male' role of breadwinner.

Some men can turn this on themselves and feel they have failed as a man.

This can put pressure on the relationship, or -- worse -- create a dynamic where the people in the couple are constantly trying to outdo each other.

Successful women might be a bit intimidating, but they also want to be appreciated and respected by their partners. Times are changing, and it's important to welcome this change with open arms.

2. Men believe that very successful women may have high expectations. They might... But that is OKAY!

It is perfectly acceptable for a woman to have expectations and standards for their partner.

Give love the time it needs to flourish and do not feel intimidated by this. Both parties need to be clear about what they want in a partner from the start. Be realistic, but be honest.

3. Men might believe that successful women are too busy to sustain a successful relationship.

This is not necessarily true.

It might seem like work is always number one for successful woman, but it's not always the case. She wants to spend time with those that are close to her. Just because she's dominant in the workplace doesn't mean she has to be dominant at home.

4. Men may think successful women only live alone.

Again, wrong!

Successful women often do not want to settle in their relationships, just like they have not settled in their careers. They strive for the best in their careers, and they believe they deserve the best in relationships, too.

They can do things on their own. They don't "need" a man to help them. But they still want to spend time with a partner, and that can mean living with them.

5. Mindless conversations, don't fly with an independent woman.

The vast majority of independent and powerful women are tremendously educated.

She has goals, and a lot of ambitions. She wants meaningful conversations on real subjects that matter. If you want to keep her, you'll have to keep up!

6. There really is no fight for power.

Being independent has nothing to do with a burning desire for a woman to fight for power in a relationship. More often than not, independent women are misrepresented as individuals who fight for the upper hand.

Men, please understand that you can most definitely benefit from being with a strong woman! She may love hard, and end up surprising you. Do not be intimidated by her success. Instead, be delighted that you have found someone exceptional.

Understand that there is something intrinsically fascinating about an independent woman. Understand that she will not diminish your self-worth.

And women: understand there's absolutely nothing wrong with being successful or independent. You should never downplay your qualifications, skills and passions -- especially if it's just to make someone else feel happy or comfortable.