The 6 Best TV Shows To Binge-Watch When You're Single

20th Television

It's safe to say that Netflix has become my boyfriend.

And you know what? I'm not ashamed of it. Netflix and I have a bond that is truly unbreakable. NETFLIX WILL NEVER LEAVE ME, PEOPLE. And that is why I binge with abandon.

In fact, I'm pretty much a pro when it comes to knowing which TV shows are worth lying horizontal all night and developing a leg cramp for. I turn to them when I want to keep my mood light and laugh all by my damn self.

That's the best part about the following, Sheena-approved TV shows: They're the ones with uplifting plot lines that you can become fully absorbed in without having to worry about a viewing partner complaining or asking to change the channel to watch ESPN or "Shark Tank" (which is a repeat... again).

These are the shows that will lift your spirits and make you feel happy you're watching solo:

1. "Jane The Virgin"

Yeah, the plot is weird AF and it only gets weirder: Jane is a girl that accidentally gets artificially inseminated — and she's never even had sex.

But, it's also a show that's bound to keep you on your toes with all of its twists and turns. And there's nothing more comforting for a single woman than watching the trials and tribulations of your worst nightmare — getting knocked up when you didn't plan on it — happen to someone else. LOL.

2. "Portlandia"

No matter how down-in-the-dumps I can be, this show always makes me laugh.

Set in Portland, Oregon, the sketch series centers around two people who make complete and utter fools of themselves wherever they go. Quirky, funny and smart, you'll have to actually try not to crack a smile.

3. "Mad Men"

I live vicariously through these characters: Their relationships, affairs and love triangles are complicated AF and make my head spin. (Oh, the drama!)

There's also nothing wrong with thoroughly enjoying hours-long sessions of sexy Don Draper eye candy every night. Mmmm...

4. "New Girl"

Disclaimer: I love Zooey Deschanel. But more than that, I love the message of this show. Deschanel's character, Jess, is single for much of the series, and happily reminds us that life is cooky, wild and hilarious — regardless of whether or not you have a guy to share it with.

In fact, Jess shows us that having three or four great guy friends is more than enough fun (and testosterone). We could all appreciate the witty one-liners of a buddy like Schmidt, and the carefree, "let's just get drunk" attitude of a guy like Nick, right?

5. "30 Rock"

Liz Lemon is every single woman's spirit animal. She's a total #girlboss at work, which I find inspiring (someday, I'll be a Lemon in my field).

But she doesn't exactly have a love life, so she also makes me feel better about having my own emo breakdowns from time-to-time.

6. "The Office"

For the hopeless romantics out there, Jim and Pam's story will warm your cold, jaded heart and give you hope for the future. Because, if love can be found in a place as dreary as a paper company in East Bumblefuck, Pennsylvania, there's no telling where you will find it.