5 Little Things He Does That Show He Wants To Marry You

by Anjali Sareen Nowakowski

If you think you've found "The One," chances are you've thought about what a future would look like together.

If walking down that aisle and getting married is something that you actually want, it's natural to imagine life down the road with your partner standing beside you.

Well, if you're in a great relationship, you may not be the only one thinking of marriage. Your guy is most likely on the same page... but how can you be sure? If you're in a serious, long-term relationship, it's natural to wonder if he exactly what you want, too.

Can he hear the same wedding bells?

Well, there are actually a few subtle things your man might do if he's thinking of marrying you. Below, you'll see a list of little things that'll hint at a future together.

1. He Makes You A Priority

One of my favorite things about my husband is that he's always letting me know through both his words and actions just how special I am to him. That could be represented by flying all over the world to support my travel habit, or just skipping an errand that he wanted to do so I can use the car instead.

A man that is considering marrying you won't make you feel like you're on the back burner of his life.

"If he's decided you are The One then everything else takes a back seat," says dating guru and relationship expert, James Preece. "He won't care so much about going out with his friends or even hitting the gym so regularly. Instead, he'll do everything possible to spend as much time with you as possible."

It makes sense, as in a casual dating scenario, your partner would probably have more of a relaxed attitude toward the relationship, and wouldn't necessarily feel the need to prioritize you.

If he wants to marry you, he's going to make sure you're his number one, first and foremost.

2. He Lets You In To All Aspects Of His Life

A man who wants to get married to you won't hold anything back from you, literally or figuratively.

He'll hold space for you in both his heart and home. If you have a bad day, expect him to be there to listen, whether over the phone or in-person.

Preece says the space held for you is often quite clear: If he gives you the keys to his place, that's a good sign that he's thinking about forever.

"Once a man gives you your own set of keys to his home, it's a pretty good sign that his commitment is permanent," says Preece. "He wants you to be a massive part of his life and it's his way of sharing everything he has with you."

If your man makes you feel like his home is your home, consider it a very good sign.

3. He Integrates Himself Into Your Social Circles

One of my favorite things about my husband is that he makes the most out of his relationship with my family as much as with his own. I take it as a sign that I, along with the people close to me, matter to him, and that he knows it's something important to me.

If a man is thinking about marrying you, he will know that it's not just you he has to keep happy. If he's looking toward a long-lasting relationship, he'll be considering your family and friends in that plan.

"Your man knows that ultimately he needs the approval of your family if he wants to marry you," says Preece. "So he'll go out of his way to attend family gatherings he would normally have avoided. He'll want to to get them on his side to win them over."

When he's ready to start thinking about marriage, you'll notice your man spending more time trying to get to know your family and besties - because, after all, he'll be just as much as a part of their life as he is yours.

4. He Pays Attention To Small Details

You may notice around the time he starts contemplating marriage that your man's normal, half-cocked attention span seems to grow stronger.

Preece says it's because he's trying to get your thoughts on the topic.

"If you start noticing he's asking more questions that normal, then perhaps he's doing some research," says Preece."He might be trying to find out how open you are to the idea of marriage."

In general, a man that wants to marry you will really close attention to you as a person, including every small detail of your life, to make you feel cherished.

Dr. Wyatt Fisher, licensed psychologist and marriage counselor, says if a man wants to marry you, you'll be his number one.

"When a man feels like he's met "The One," he'll make the woman first in his life," says Dr. Fisher. "She won't have to compete against his work, hobbies, or other relationships."

If you feel like all the attention is on you, enjoy it. This could be a sign he's starting to really hone in on the idea of a future together.

5. He Talks About It In Conversation

One of the most surefire ways to know that a man is thinking of marrying you is that he talks about it - or at least talks about what a future between the two of you would look like long-term.

Although you may think that's too obvious, the truth is that a man in love won't be able to hold back thoughts on a life together.

"When a man feels like he's met "The One," you usually can tell by his comments referencing long-term plans and life together," says Dr. Fisher.

If you're with a man that often talks about what a life would look like in the long-term, this is a good sign that he's thinking of marrying you. Starting to notice these points in conversation will help you get an idea of where his head is at.

If all works out, this could be the beginning of your forever.