5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Care What Anyone Thinks And Date A Younger Guy

I'm 24 years old and recently started dating a 19-year-old.

I never thought I would date a younger guy. My younger sister has had guy friends with crushes on me and I always dismissed them.

Stigma and my own ageist assumptions held me back.

Now, I'm dating someone younger than those friends I never even considered, and it's incredible.

Here are five reasons why you shouldn't care about what anyone else thinks and date a younger guy.

1. Fuck traditional gender norms.

While I was considering dating a younger guy, I was still conflicted.

I liked him, and I was attracted to him. But the thought of telling my friends and family I was dating someone so much younger freaked me out.

I worried about what his friends and family would think of me.

But then it hit me: why should I care?

No one would even blink at a 24-year-old guy dating a 19-year-old girl, so why should women have to limit their dating pool?

Answer: we shouldn't.

I had always been told boys mature slower, and I should try to date older guys. I think that's a bullshit generalization.

I felt empowered by the idea of breaking away from the stupid, sexist gender norm that was holding me back.

2. You're in control.

I'm used to guys my age playing (and winning) the “who can care less” game and calling all the shots -- when we would hang out, what we did when we were together, and if/when we were exclusive.

Since my 19-year-old guy hasn't been practicing his fuckboy game for years, he's a lot more honest and open than what I'm used to.

There's more equality, and less games.

For once, we're moving at my pace and it's given me a sense of control that I haven't felt in the dating world in a long time.

3. You're both on the same page.

I'm still a student, but a lot of the guys my age are settling into careers and adulthood.

I still like to party and go out. Therefore, I don't want someone who goes to work for 6 am every day and is too tired to dance the night away with me.

I also don't want someone who doesn't understand the pressure and stress of the exam period because he isn't a student anymore.

I'm not about settling into a boring routine yet.

I'm up all night sometimes doing homework. Some days I skip class and sleep in, while other days I'm up first thing for a morning test.

I don't have a regular sleep routine and I don't want to annoy someone who does.

I want someone to study AND party with; someone in the same mental place as me.

In addition to both being students, we're consenting adults and age doesn't really matter in this situation.

4. He's undamaged.

Men deal with breakups and heartbreaks differently than women.

Women are sad and hurt after the termination of a relationship, but they usually don't give up on love. I've noticed once a man gets his heart broken, he becomes extremely guarded and emotionally unavailable.

Heartbreak cripples a guy's dating life for years.

Since guys my age have had an additional five years of opportunity for heartache, they're more likely to be unattainable.

I think men heal slower, and most of the 24-year-old guys I know are still healing. However, my 19-year-old remains unbroken and unhardened by love.

5. The sex is amazing.

I won't go into too much detail, but that 19-year-old stamina is something else.

He also has a great beer-gut free, anti-dad bod physique.

I'm in a selfish, immature phase of my life and I'm able to run with a 19-year-old. He's intelligent and mature enough to challenge and keep up with a 24-year-old. I wouldn't have it any other way.