5 Explanations For Why He's Deemed You An 'Undateable' Girl

by Zareh Zurabyan

There are a lot of different things that turn off a lot of different men. Some things are general, and some are very specific.

Here are five of the most common reasons why a guy will choose to deem a girl "undateable."

1. Inability to satisfy his mental capacity.

This has nothing to do with intellect or education. Some of the "smartest" people do not have the ability to have an interesting, entertaining conversation with anyone.

This is not about specific topics, either; I just mean the ability to freely converse about something and nothing, and enjoy every second of hearing new thoughts, ideas, ideologies, concepts and questions that captivate me and create new neurological pathways in my brain.

If his mental or emotional capacity is not challenged by yours, you're not worth his time.

2. Inability to satisfy his physical capacity.

Most men are physical. Some are more touchy-feely than others, but we are very visual and sensual creatures. Most loving men have a lot of love to give, and they enjoy giving it.

This doesn't mean inappropriate public displacement of affection, nor forced appropriate affection; it just means letting the physical attraction naturally run its course and the affection be felt.

It means feeling your touch most of the time that he is with you, and it can be in millions of different forms. Be creative and show your love how you'd want to feel it.

3. Inability to satisfy his adventurous nature.

Men in nature are adventurous hunters and gatherers. We like to try new things, especially things that challenge us, and we love accomplishing those challenges.

Nothing is more unattractive than a girl who either a) doesn't support our adventurous nature -- whether it is skydiving, Muay Thai kickboxing or as simple as traveling to somewhere new every month to explore -- or b) she doesn't have the same type of urge, desire and longing for new skills and knowledge. No real man wants a girl who is satisfied with bare minimum with him, or herself.

4. Inability to satisfy his spacial requirements.

Any real man in his 20s is in the middle of his most important career period, where he is trying new things like entrepreneurship, starting or switching new jobs and finding himself for the future of his and his family's life.

Last thing he needs is a girl who gives him emotional stress. Understand his hustle, support him and challenge him to do better. Maybe once try to say, "No, I want you to work on what you had to work on, I'll see you in couple of days," and see how much more he'll love you. After all, if you're the one, he's doing this for you, too.

5. Inability to satisfy the concept of unity.

It is not all about you, nor is it all about him. If we are dating, it is about us. We present ourselves to the world together now, so whatever you do reflects on me and vice versa.

There are certain sacrifices that need to be made. Additionally, this means that there should be solid communication about everything because as we are getting to know each other more deeply, we need to see all layers of each other -- the goofy, the serious, the sexy, the hungry, the angry -- and a simple conversation goes a long way.

Photo via Favim