5 Subtle Signs Your Guy Is Falling In Love With You, According To A Guy

by Michael Kyle

Okay, it's semi-official now! There's a glitch in the matrix and we live in a dystopian future, where the idea of falling in love with artificial intelligence becomes more attractive by the day.

The dating scene is a hard one to navigate and it's even harder when you finally find a man willing to commit.

This raises the question, how do you know when he's in love or falling in love with you? Here are five signs that could tip you off.

1. He calls you.

Imagine that! Getting a phone call may seem like foreign idea today, but when he starts calling you it's safe to say he really likes you.

Is he calling you to make dinner plans opposed to texting you? This is a sign that he wants to hear your voice and check in with you on a more personal level.

Texting is easy, thoughtless and is something that you stick to when you are first getting to know someone. If he only seems to ever text you, you could be on his mind but you might not be a priority.

2. He makes time for you.

Yes, it's true, we make time for the things we care about. If you're ever upset and want to talk to this guy, but he goes to his fantasy football league with the boys instead, that could be a sign of trouble.

When you dedicate yourself to someone, you make time for them, especially if they need you for support. If your man is always busy or “can't make it” then most likely he's not in it for the long haul.

3. He opens up to you.

Men are hard eggs to crack sometimes. There's a toxic sense of masculinity where vulnerability is seen as weakness.

So if your man is opening up to you about some rough times in his life, most likely he's committed in some form.

These types of stories bond people together and break down barriers. There's a fine line between being vulnerable and being a mess, so use your judgement on this one.

4. He deletes his online dating profile.

Maybe you two met on or another online dating site. When the time comes commit, the dating sites and apps have to go.

A good sign a relationship is progressing is that he deletes his online dating presence. That doesn't mean go snooping on his phone, but look him up on dating sites from time to time.

This also goes for Facebook and other social media profiles. When he publicly announces that he's in a relationship, things are getting serious.

I know that seems vapid but in today's world, that means everything.

5. He introduces you to his parents.

This a no brainer. Things are really getting serious when he introduces you to his parents.

Introducing you to his family opens the door for you to form relationships with them. There are some men out there that will try to do this on the second date so again, use your judgement. Don't ignore creepy warning signs just because he does something in this article.

Remember, relationships take time, but if you notice the red flags right away you can save yourself some heartache.

Men, for the most part, are predictable. When a relationship is founded on a solid base, it has potential to lead to love. Women almost always set the tone in the relationship, so it's up to you lead him.

Make sure you have respect for yourself and don't commit to a man who isn't serious because it's easy. A loveless relationship can be as painful as an unfaithful one.