4 Unique Ways To Celebrate With Your Girls On Valentine's Day That Will Make Couples Jealous

Valentine's Day is inescapable this year — it falls on a Friday. Many people can probably already hear their favorite binge-worthy TV show opener and picture pink wine, Dove chocolates, and their flannel pajama that will serve as the extent of any notion of a date.

But, while you may not have a Valentine this year, you probably do have a group of friends that you love more than anything. Why not call up the gal pals for an unforgettable Galentine's Day and celebrate the love that keeps you going?

Check out these four ways to have an amazing Valentine’s Day sans the guy you thought you needed in order to have it.

1. Bonfire

There's something about a bonfire that encourages nostalgia, so grab your girlfriends, your blankets and some hot cocoa for a long night of "remember when’s" and "what if’s." Whether you're roasting s'mores or torn up photos of ex-boyfriends, don't forget to bring some Bailey's for your hot chocolate. If the weather doesn't support this activity, bring it indoors to the fireplace.

Don't forget to pack speakers for your girl-power playlist and a disposable camera because no one is deleting any pictures of this night. Celebrate your past, present and future as best buds. It’s the best kind of love.

2. Black Tie

It's time to bust out that little black dress, a bottle of champagne and host an event at your place. Set up a homemade photo booth, make sure there's plenty of bubbly, classy snacks and a super-exclusive guest list (i.e.: no one gets a plus one). What goes better with a black tie ensemble and champagne than an ever-so classy game of Cards Against Humanity? Everyone needs an excuse to shave their legs in the winter anyway, so here's your chance.

3. Slumber Party

Grab your gals for an old-fashioned slumber party. Start with a potluck dinner then wind down with some "would you rather?" and "never have I ever." Calories don't count tonight, so butter up that popcorn and snuggle up on the couch while you watch “Now and Then.” Other movie options include “Clueless,” “A League of Their Own,” “Mean Girls” and “10 Things I Hate About You” — but you definitely can't watch “The Notebook.” Sorry.

4. Guy's Night

There's no need to be jealous of the guys anymore; rally up your girlfriends for a night filled with beer, wings and burping contests. Shotgun beers over the balcony while you wait for your turn in the Mario Kart tournament. Essentials include N64, LOTS of beer and Third Eye Blind. You can even throw in some poker and cigars — trendy shades are a necessity. Make a ponytails and t-shirts only rule to keep the girly girls at bay.

Whether you stick with one of these plans or come up with your own, there's no reason to be alone on Valentine's Day. When word of your plans get around, don’t be surprised if girlfriends start ditching their guys to hang with you. Who said being single on Valentine's Day was such a bad thing?

Photo via We Heart It