4 Reasons You Should Always Go For The Girl Who Drinks Red Wine

by Mary Rebecca Harakas

I've always been a fan of red wine. Any malbec, pinot noir or red blend has a fast pass to the top of my choice drink list. It's the perfect birthday gift, hostess gift and downright anything gift that I could give or receive.

I'm not a wine connoisseur as much as I want to be (I'm working on it), but I've noticed some striking differences between my friends and myself: There are those who drink red wines and those who drink white wines. Red wine is often viewed as the Marilyn to a Jackie, or the devil to an angel.

White wines are clear, obvious and simple. Reds on the other hand, are mysterious, from the color to the taste. Yes, it's red, but it could be any shade of red. Reds are an acquired taste -- they could be a berry blend or a concoction with hints of chocolate. All in all, reds are an absolute mystery.

I once visited a restaurant and ordered a glass of malbec. The waitress stared at me “That's a big, bold wine,” she replied, “A BIG, BOLD wine.”

This struck a nerve with me. I prefer red wine and bourbon-based cocktails; I despise tequila and don leather pants like they're going out of style.

I'm a 5-foot tall brunette who is only seen in high heels so few actually know how short I am. Friends joke that my middle name is “feisty” and with reason, I know what I want. And when it comes to wines, I refuse to drink the white wine known to me as sugar water.

My girlfriends may prefer white wine (or at the very worst, moscato) because according to them it's “easier to drink.” They tell me it's “fun and flirty and goes with all food at any occasion.” Nah, you just can't acquire the taste.

To tell me a red wine (a concoction of fiery ingredients from sweet grapes to sultry spices) isn't “fun” or that knowing how to pronounce a red wine correctly isn't “flirty” is just absurd. Red wines are synonymous with those who drink them.

Here are four reasons why you should always go for the red wine drinking girl:

1. Red wine drinkers rock the stilettos.

White wine drinkers enjoy the comfort of wedges.

Red wine is adventurous -- it can be a mix of berries with hints of chocolate or other exotic ingredients. So too are its drinkers. No stiletto is too high, no smokey eye trend is too risky and no adventure is too crazy to handle.

Red wine drinkers want it all, much like a red blend, a mix of multiple wines into one bottle. They thrive on adventure and exploring the world. White wine drinkers are content with comfort, they enjoy wedge sandals and exploring their backyards.

2. Red wine drinkers think about the future.

White wine drinkers think about right now.

Red wine is practical. (It has antioxidants, of course!) Studies show that a glass of wine a day is good for you, so in effect, it's a good investment for your health. Red wine drinkers are about investment: They think about the future and are focused on their careers and goals, no matter how large or small.

White wine drinkers think about the present moment -- they're into current trends, gossip and fitness kicks.

3. Red wine drinkers enjoy the fine arts.

White wine drinkers need constant thrills.

Much like the color of red wine, the drinkers are deep -- really deep. They enjoy the finer things in life like art, cooking, novels and cultures. They think low-lit bars and romantic dinners are the perfect settings for date night.

The white wine color is clear and obvious, and its drinkers are too. They want the loud clubs and the group dates to concerts.

4. Red wine drinkers are fiery.

White wine drinkers go with the flow.

Red wine doesn't mess around. Yes, all wine takes years to craft, but red wine is an acquired taste. Most people initially don't enjoy a sip of red wine, nor do many people enjoy red wine drinkers. Red wine drinkers are sassy.

White wine drinkers are more calm, much like white wine. No need to be animated or excited around white wine drinkers because you may just overwhelm them.