4 Unexpected Places To Find Your Prince Charming Outside Of Frat Parties In College


Maybe I am overly optimistic or just a hopeless romantic, but I truly believe that there is a perfect guy out there for every girl. You know, the one you see in movies and read about in Nicholas Sparks books.

It befuddles me to imagine holding on to a relationship that no longer allows you to gaze into each other’s eyes with burning passion. Sure, not every day will be perfect, but every night, you should go to bed with the same excitement of your first date.

This got me to question whether or not Prince Charming actually exists. So, I decided to take my advanced skills in flirting and kick it up a notch by skipping around my college campus to meet random bachelors.

The Classroom:

In this type of environment, it is particularly easy to strike up a conversation. Show up fashionably late to class to better spot your target.

Once you have maintained a visual, it becomes simple — sit down next to him. In this closed setting, it becomes very easy to at least gain a new friendship.

Not only are you helping yourself to attract a potential mate, but you are also helping yourself by meeting someone who will become a great study partner.

It is relatively easy to find common interests — you already have one by being in the same class. Topic of conversations flow freely, and when your mind is expanding through learning it becomes simple to show off the best version of yourself.

The Pool:

Being already half naked, and (hopefully!) at least somewhat tan allows for an extra boost of confidence. The sexual attraction when meeting a boy poolside is at an ultimate high.

It is like watching a trailer to a movie you are dying to see. Without making a full commitment, you are able to catch a glimpse of the show.

Conversations can be silly and with the sun shining down on your hot bods, the dose of vitamin D allows for a happy, informal environment. 

The Gym:

It is a little more challenging meeting a guy in his zone. Generally speaking, this is his territory, however there is a way to use this toward your advantage.

You do not want to seem dumb, or thirsty to meet a man of muscles, but you are interested in getting in a good workout. Start off by doing your own thing and when your endorphins rise, your confidence will skyrocket.

Notice a guy, whom you’re interested to know, doing a workout and ask him for his routine. He will take note of your confidence and be complimented by your desire to follow his routine.

Guys usually have a set schedule when going to the gym, so if you feel like you two hit it off, go back the next week at the same time. Sometimes, all it takes is being noticed.

The Mall:

While this may not be the first place to come to mind when looking for a potential prince, it is one of the most prime meeting spots. Almost every straight guy feels somewhat insecure in the clothing department.

Take time out of your shopping adventure to either compliment or negate the shirt he has picked out. This will easily strike up a conversation in a non-stressful way that will make you seem knowledgeable and trendy.

This is your territory — you do not have to be a fashion major for your input to matter to a guy. Since you are a girl, he will respect your opinion and feel obligated to impress you with his choices.

Notice how I did not mention a party, or bar scene as a venue to meet a potential prince charming. While, it is easy to mingle with those types of guys, it can be challenging to figure out whom they really are while intoxicated.

Take the time to get to know each guy based upon your own values and interests and also take advantage of these everyday life situations.

At most, it will hone and improve your flirting skills. Meeting your prince can and should start with just a simple conversation while doing things you really enjoy. So, make sure you take the time to get to know yourself and then do the things you love to attract the right guy for you.

I ended up with a date from one of these potential princes in the environment that I most valued. Is he my Prince Charming? Who knows?

But at least for now, I get to have fun with someone who shares my interests and wants to impress me. Do not rush what is not there but always have faith in a fairytale ending.

Top Photo Courtesy: We Heart It