36 Thoughts You Have When You're On An Awful First Date


First dates are the worst.

I stress over the details and debate cancelling probably a minimum of six times before I actually leave my apartment.

What do I wear? Where are we going? What do we talk about? Will it be awkward? And those are only the initial thoughts I have before the date.

If you're lucky, everything will go smoothly, you will get along and maybe plan a second date. If things don't go so great, you will find yourself trapped in one of the most uncomfortable situations of your life.

The good news is most of us have been there and you're not alone. Regardless of how terrible and unbearable your date is, these are some thoughts you've definitely had on an awful first date.

  1. Why did I even come?
  2. I should have cancelled, I knew this was not going to go well.
  3. Is it me? Am I the boring one here?
  4. I wonder how many drinks it would take to make this date bearable.
  5. Is he having an awful time, too? Maybe he thinks this is going great and he can't wait to introduce me to his mom.
  6. That guy over there is so cute, I wish I was on a date with him.
  7. Do people bail on dates half-way through? How would I do that? Do I just leave? I think I saw it in an episode of "Friends" one time.
  8. UGH. I love "Friends." I should have stayed home and watched TV.
  9. Are all first dates this bad?
  10. This is so awkward. We're literally just staring at each other.
  11. Is he not taking the hint? Does he know I'm ready to leave? Maybe he's waiting for me to take the hint.
  12. Do we hug goodbye? Do I say we should do this again?
  13. What if he tries to kiss me?
  14. Maybe he's a really good kisser and I'm making a huge mistake.
  15. First dates sometimes suck but maybe we're actually meant to be. Is he my soulmate? Wait, I don't even believe in soulmates... what am I saying?
  16. His friend was cute when I stalked his Instagram.
  17. I wonder if his friend is single.
  18. His ex-girlfriend is really pretty. I wonder how their first date was. Was that even his girlfriend in his old pictures? Maybe it was his sister. Does he have a sister?
  19. Is he nervous?
  20. Did he just ask me a question? I wasn't even listening.
  21. Is there an app that helps you get out of bad dates? I feel like there is. If not, I should invent one. How do you even create an app? I wish I was good at technology.
  22. Maybe I'll just go to the bathroom and sneak out the back.
  23. I'm not desperate enough to pretend this date is going well.
  24. We have nothing in common. Isn't that supposed to be a good thing though? Do opposites really attract? I doubt it.
  25. I'm clearly too sarcastic for him. He's not getting anything I'm saying.
  26. Is he being sarcastic back? I can't tell. Does he have a sense of humor at all?
  27. Does he realize how bad this date is? How can he not?
  28. This is nothing like a date on "The Bachelor."
  29. I want to go on "The Bachelor" just for the extravagant dates. I mean, how can you have a bad time free-falling off a skyscraper with a gorgeous guy holding on to you? You can't.
  30. Those dates are so unrealistic.
  31. Is he asking for the check? FINALLY.
  32. I don't even remember what we talked about.
  33. He's actually really cute. Maybe I'm judging him too hard.
  34. Nope, definitely not. This is awful.
  35. I hope my next first date isn't this bad.
  36. I'm going to be single forever.