3 Reasons Why Women Don't Really Care About How Attractive A Guy Is

by Justin Stenstrom

Guys looking to meet women often ask the question, "Do looks matter?" Well, to put it nicely, no.

They don’t matter much, if at all, for women. How many times have you seen a very attractive woman — I mean, like, super attractive — walking down the street, hand-in-hand with a short, overweight and balding man? I’ll give you a hint: more times than you can count!

Not to say looks won’t help a bit -- they will, but only for a brief moment. Looks can give you a slight boost in getting a woman’s “attention,” and that’s about it.

After you start talking to a woman, she won’t care one iota about how chiseled your face is or how big your biceps are.

But, I thought all women like nice, chiseled faces and big, muscular arms? Well, fortunately for us men, they don’t!

Here are three reasons why:

1. Women are Biologically More Attracted to Social Status

I’m not talking about social status as in fancy cars or gigantic Hollywood mansions. What I mean by social status is social intelligence. Women are innately attracted to men who are socially skilled.

Guys who can make women laugh, act confidently around them and communicate effectively with them are the men who have high social status.

Men who possess these traits turn on the attraction switches within the minds of women. These switches have been wired since the beginning of time.

I'm talking about when our ancestors were banging rocks and rubbing sticks together, lived in tribes and relied on each other to survive.

The men who were most socially adept were considered the alpha males of these groups and were often given the best of everything the tribe had to offer.

They were given the best food, water, shelter and other resources and, therefore, had the best health — something that was incredibly important to a woman looking for a mate.

You see, it wasn’t the most physically dominant or best-looking men who led these groups, but rather, the most socially savvy. We evolved into the most intelligent animals on the planet because of our spoken word and communication.

We conversed, exchanged ideas and prospered as a species because of our incredibly high-regard for interpersonal communication.

Without this, we would not have come so far. (We’d probably still be rubbing sticks together, instead of turning up the heat in our comfortable homes.)

With that said, women are naturally endeared to men who possess this quality. The men who have the highest social status, or social game, are the most attractive of all!

2. Men Can Manipulate Their Level of Attractiveness

Knowing women are primarily attracted to characteristics like leadership, confidence, humor, social aptitude and other favorable traits is a great thing for guys. This means we can change our level of attractiveness to women by working on and improving these skills.

If attraction was based solely on looks, a lot of us would be screwed!

Thankfully, it’s not, however, and we have a way of increasing our level of it. By working on our personalities and working on the aforementioned quality traits, we can become more desirable in the eyes of more women.

3. Looks Are Not Permanent

Despite what you may believe, your looks are not permanent. Your mind, heart and soul may be, but your looks are not! They change every day.

We age as each second passes, and our looks alter slightly with each fleeting moment. Not only that, but we can and constantly do alter our appearance, whether through changing our hairstyle, clothing, physique or something else.

Women intuitively know this. They know that when they meet a guy, he is not going to look the same years down the road. He may lose his hair, gain a belly or just grow old, like all of us do.

They realize this because these same things will happen to them in some capacity. Therefore, women don’t put as much emphasis into the way a guy looks when she meets him.

Men who have the best personalities often attract the most women. They have the confidence, leadership, social skills and charisma to be that quintessential “alpha male” that women desire.

Don’t focus on trying to make yourself physically attractive; instead, focus on building your personality. Do this, and the rest will follow. And, by the rest, I mean women!

Women will desire your personality above all else, so work on crafting a good one.