100 Questions And 2 Ways To Determine If You Both Are Compatible

by Zareh Zurabyan

There are so many variables that play a role in making two completely different people compatible in the greatest sense of the word.

It is not about being compatible regarding anything measurable or tangible. It is more than that – way more.

1. Similar Background

You can be from the same country, city, street or have just grown up in similar conditions and circumstances. You can both like the same activities, which is something everyone wishes.

Every person wishes for someone with whom he or she shares many things in common, assuming that makes him or her compatible. Nothing is more connecting than experiences shared with one another.

You can share the most breathtaking outer-body experiences with one another through these activities without feeling compatible.

Both of you can be enthusiasts of the same culture and atmosphere. Both of you can be in perfect harmony in different circumstances.

Through those shared interests and experiences, you understand each other on levels that others never will – but you still may not be compatible.

You can both be in medicine, law, fashion or painting. You can both be very passionate about your religions. Both of you can be devoted to your faith, completely understanding the importance of it for your traditions and spirituality.

You can both read all the same books, feel the same type of sympathy toward the characters and appreciation of how the book played a role in different stages of your life.

You can enjoy wildlife, sitting by the fire, reading or playing video games and watching movies all night. Your ideal vacation can have the same exact criteria. You can both enjoy the same food, drinks, locations and cultural seasoning.

You can have a carbon copy type of humor. You can laugh at the same horrible jokes the same way or both can have a very specific sarcastic, satirical, dark or extremely silly comicality.

You both can have such a good time with one another that you feel scared about how comfortable you feel with the person.

The time you spend with this person can be a revelation — an opportunity to explore new depths of consciousness.

2. Passion

You can have the most amazing three hours with the person. You both can like the same type of sex — gentle lovemaking or aggressive and passionate expressions of love. You both can love one another. You both can be in love.

You can feel the utmost respect, care and desire to help, protect and feel each other’s energy – and still not be fully compatible.

Compatibility is not about understanding one another on one level, or two or three or all of these. You can have ALL of these connections and attractions to one another, and still not be compatible.

You can still not feel an energetic field take over you when you’re with someone with whom you’re compatible.

On the other hand, you can be fully compatible with someone, in a spur of energetic surge, but not be able to maintain it for a long time, due to not having any of those connections or attractions.

Compatibility is the most underrated and most overlooked factor in a relationship. People confuse it with chemistry or common points of interest.

It is not as black and white as some people make it seem. People want to follow a made-up procedure when it comes to relationships, not realizing that nothing like it exists.

Each human contact and interaction possesses its own rulebook, with no rules. Each connection possesses its own culture, feel, energy and sense of fullness or emptiness.

Which one is yours? When do you have it? With whom do you have it?

The truth is, we have it with everyone, all the time, on different levels of enlightenment and frequency. The question becomes which ones we try to flourish and which ones die down. Which ones arise new thoughts, ideas and desires to explore and which ones inhibit these urges?

Which ones trigger us to expand our minds and limits, and which ones bring us down? Which ones do we choose to act on and which ones do we not? Do we always make the right or best choices?

If you do not practice yourself at your full capacity, you will never find a person who expresses him or herself at his or her fullest capacity, which, in turn, will lead to unfulfilling relationships.

There are no limits, rules or expectations – only an indefinite future constantly changing with our choices of action.

The hope is that the choice of action is working on your compatibility potential with the people you like.

Express everything that comes from the heart. Never overthink. Whatever it is, if it’s meant to be, it will happen. If not, it won’t. The universe accepts and embraces honesty, love and authenticity.