14 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be A Serial Honeymoon Phase Dater

By Gigi Engle

Of all the feelings I can ever remember having, nothing is quite as powerful as having a new romantic interest.

It’s that brand new, deeply passionate, all-consuming infatuation that makes life exciting. It’s a promise, a possibility. It’s a chance at something great.

A new relationship is more thrilling than a jaw-dropping roller coaster ride; it contains more anticipation than an approaching vacation to the Caribbean.

It doesn’t matter how much hurt you had in your last relationship; you still relish in every moment of a new love because it just feels so good.

You might tell yourself these feelings won’t last; that this is only a passing stage of your relationship; that this kind of happiness with this perfect person cannot possibly last.

This is just the honeymoon phase, you tell yourself.

The honeymoon phase is a perpetual cycle of happiness. It’s always new, always fresh, and the infatuation is so, so sweet.

You can’t get your new boyfriend off your mind. You always wonder what he’s up to, how his day is going and if he’s thinking about you as much as you’re thinking about him.

When you’re together, you can’t keep your hands off of each other. You just want to be naked and in bed all the time.

His smell is intoxicating. You bury your face in his pillows and can’t imagine any scent ever being as wonderful.

You annoy your friends because he’s all you can talk about; your heart skips a beat whenever he sends you a text.

It’s consuming, this new fire inside you. It’s a burning passion with the hope of a potential, deep-rooted love.

The problem is, the honeymoon phase does end.

The person you’re dating is a human with emotions, issues and baggage.

He or she isn't perfect, but rather, flawed just as you are, and if you stay with this person, you’ll have to deal with those flaws. That’s a relationship, after all.

But, what if we could just stay there? Enjoy the honeymoon phase in an endless cycle -- move into a new, unbroken romance as soon as one begins to fade? Wouldn’t that be a wonderful world? One full of passion and devoid of heartbreak?

These are 14 reasons why I want to be a perpetual honeymoon phase dater, and you should, too.

1. Infatuation is one of the most powerful feelings in the world.

Infatuation is intoxicating. It’s very much like being on drugs. You’re so incredibly high on this new, exciting feeling.

Everything in the world looks brighter and smells sweeter; new meaning is pumped into the mundane.

You are overwhelmed with an impossible joy and you would spend your last dollar to stay in this frame of mind forever. You don’t ever want to come down.

2. The relationship is never going to be as sweet as it is now.

You are in a place where everything is so perfect, full of compliments and kisses. This person is everything you dreamed of.

You’ve had this crush for so long, and he is finally yours. Anything beyond this moment is not going to be as wonderful or as fresh.

3. He’ll never be as beautiful as he is right now.

Now that he’s finally yours, and you’re finally in his arms, he’s the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. He’s like a painting; he’s your own Dorian Gray -- perfect, almost inhuman.

He’s a bit like a dream, and in the honeymoon phase, he is more beautiful than he will ever be.

4. When something is new, it’s pure.

Nothing has tainted this romance as of yet. You don’t have the opinions of other people or his shady behavior bogging you down.

These feelings are light and airy, never heavy.

It’s this time in a relationship where your new romance is free from the shadows of doubt your cloudy mind knows will soon appear.

5. This is the time when you can’t get enough of him.

You just can’t get enough of each other. Every second you're together is never satiating, and the moment you separate, you miss him.

He’s on the forefront of your mind. You are glowing and giddy -- which everyone notices, which only makes you blush.

If you could, you’d just wrap your arms and legs around him in bed and never, ever leave again.

6. There’s no baggage yet.

You get to enjoy each other without all the weight of the past. Your failed relationships, the issues he has with his mother -- none of that has to be addressed yet because you’re still getting to know each other.

You’re only sharing the good qualities, not yet delving into the bad. It makes everything uncomplicated and sexy.

7. It’s so much fun to try and figure him out.

Instead of being afraid of what you’re going to find out, you’re excited. It’s surprising how enthralling you find learning about his favorite band or his favorite movie. You just like hearing the sound of his voice.

You like him so much you could listen to him talk for hours. It’s a funny thing about infatuation: You’re constantly excited.

8. You haven’t heard all of his stories.

He’s still mysterious. If you two stick together, eventually, you’ll find yourself rolling your eyes the 17th time he tells you about his first girlfriend at summer camp, but for now, it’s all interesting and captivating.

You constantly want to hear more because you are so hungry for every piece of information you can get. You can’t get close enough.

9. Things aren’t complicated yet.

You haven’t had a fight; you haven’t found anything sketchy on his phone, and your friends haven’t put out a missing person ad because you’ve been ditching them for the past two weeks.

Everything is just simple and easy. The only thing stressing you out is how you can possibly squeeze in one more hour together.

10. You’re imagining an unrealistic future.

You can dream and imagine whatever you want. He isn’t quite real to you yet, and this relationship is made of passion rather than mistakes.

If you want to imagine him as the father of your children, low key, that’s alright. (But, maybe don’t tell him that.)

11. He hasn’t let you down.

If he hasn’t let you down, it’s easy to pretend he never will. You have nothing to “recall” if he disappoints you because he hasn’t had a chance to before.

You don’t have any bad memories to smother your untainted opinion of your new partner.

12. You can keep all of those ridiculous expectations.

For now, you can keep those unrealistic, even a little crazy expectations. Obviously, having expectations beyond the capabilities of a human person will be detrimental over time.

But, when you're in the honeymoon phase, you can have your head in the clouds and imagine he’s the prince charming you’ve been waiting for, ready for him to carry you into the sunset on horseback and make love to you on a beach by the sea.

Yeah, I got a little cliché... sorry.

13. The sex is so good, and his body is so new to you.

You just want to be naked all the time. The sex is intoxicating. This is the only way you can let out all of those overwhelming emotions of lust and passion you have for this person.

Since you don’t know him on a very personal level quite yet, this is when you feel closest to him.

14. You don’t have your heart in it 100 percent yet.

So, things are less terrifying. It’s all new and perfect and sweet. You haven’t committed 100 percent; you haven’t quite lost your heart.

It feels f*cking fantastic to feel this good, and it feels slightly safer because you aren’t in a place where you can get hurt.

But, you’re on the cusp. You’re getting there.