12 Ways Healthy Couples Understand Each Other Without Words

by Paul Hudson

When you meet the right person at the right time of your life, magic happens. Magic is the only word that can sufficiently explain the phenomenon that healthy couples in love experience.

The greatness that is the human race was built on language -- it's what's allowed the masses to communicate with one another. Before we felt the need to reach out to the masses, however, we focused all our energy on communicating with those closest to us -- especially those we love.

When love is in the mix, the need for language, and for words, dissipates. When you love and respect someone with all your being, you don't need to talk. You can simply live and understand.

Healthy couples don't need to use words; they communicate and understand each other better without them.

1. They have inside jokes that only the two of them share.

Whenever someone else says something that triggers that specific memory, their eyes automatically search for the other's.

They smile at each other briefly or squeeze their hands and continue on as if nothing happened, but they shared a small, private moment that no one else will ever know about.

2. Those moments when their eyes connect and they know that clothes are about to fly.

There's no need for elaborate ploys to put the other in the mood or to convince them to have sex.

As soon as one gets turned on, the other sees it in their eyes and body position, and automatically gets turned on themselves.

3. They don't need to tell each other that they are sad or disappointed because they can feel when the other is unhappy.

In fact, they themselves feel unhappy because the other is unhappy; they share each other's pain. They love each other to the point where their happiness literally relies on the happiness of the other.

No words need to be spoken because their connections surpasses what words are capable of expressing.

4. When they make love, their bodies do all the talking.

Every touch, every movement solicits a reaction, a forever reinforcing loop of give and take. They don't need to talk or tell the other what to do, although sometimes they may use words to add to the excitement.

They know the other's body so well that every time the other moves in a certain way, they feel their enjoyment -- and it only increases their own pleasure.

5. Their arguments may use words, but their fights end without them.

There is no need for elaborate apologies because they didn't, and wouldn't, say anything hurtful.

They understand that two people will always find something to disagree on and leave it at that. What started with strong words ends with a soft caress.

6. They know each other so well that half the time they don't need to bother with asking the other questions.

Why waste words when they already know the answer? Words are useful only when there is a use for them.

Couples have gotten to the point where words are superfluous. They communicate by simply being next to each other.

7. Half the time, when they do talk, they end up saying exactly the same thing at exactly the same time.

Many of you have probably already experienced this phenomenon since it's one of the earliest to manifest in a healthy relationship.

You both seem to have the same exact thought at the same exact time -- it can be a bit disconcerting, but at the same time, it's surprisingly magical.

8. They feel as if they're not only on the same wavelength, but that they are producing the same wavelength.

Their world has gotten both smaller and larger at the same time -- the parameters grow wider, but they fill up more and more of the space. They become each other's world, a world where words aren't necessary.

9. They know the other's wants and do all they can to help the love of their life to achieve the life of their dreams.

There is no need to ask for help because help is always -- ALWAYS -- given. No excuses are made. No promises are left unfulfilled.

They live for the other just as much as they live for themselves because they are the other as much as they are themselves.

10. Sacrifices are made without ever being asked for or discussed.

After a while, sacrifices only seem like sacrifices to those on the outside. To them, they are simple tradeoffs that need to be made. The other always takes priority over the trivial.

11. Each of them learn more about themselves by loving the other.

The experiences they share, the memories they make, the difficult times they experience leave them understanding themselves on a deeper level.

It's the sort of understanding that can't be put into words -- the sort of understanding that human beings created art forms as a means of expressing.

12. As the years go by, their trust and love for each other only deepens.

It's not just the conversations they had, but the experiences themselves that allowed them to not only understand themselves and each other better, but to understand life itself. Language is a beautiful thing, but before language, lovers only had each other.

It's this reversion to a more primitive self that allows lovers to experience life in its rawest form.

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