11 Little Things He Does On Vacation To Prove He'll Be A Good Husband

by Elite Daily Staff

They say you shouldn't go on vacation with someone until you're ready to settle down, but you can't know you're ready to settle down until you go on vacation.

Because, the vacation is the test; it's the first time the two of you are completely alone, without anyone or anything to distract you from each other.

It's like a trial run -- if marriage meant eloping in Hawaii or Mexico and living with staff and beach cabanas.

You’re already happy when you’re on vacation, but being with the right person can make it that much better. It's that warm feeling you get when come home and gush to your friends and family that the only thing better than the trip was being there with him.

Here's how your vacation with him tells you if he'll make a great husband.

1. He handles any issue responsibly.

When your plane is delayed, he doesn’t freak out or act like an episode of “Snapped” (if only you could say the same for yourself).

If you two get lost on a side street, he turns it into an exciting adventure of finding your way back.

He doesn’t completely lose it when plans go awry in paradise, meaning he’ll be patient and understanding when it's back home to the real world.

2. He puts his phone and laptop away.

This is your special time together -- free of distractions and outside opinions. It’s a rare opportunity for the two of you to completely do what you both choose.

By putting away his electronics, he’s showing he not only values his moments with you, but also that you are the only distraction he desires.

3. He doesn’t overpack.

He’s not high maintenance, nor does he require excess to have a good time. He’s thoughtful about what he brings.

More importantly, he understands items don’t make your vacation special -- it’s the experiences you share.

4. He pushes you outside your comfort zone.

He cares about your personal growth and wants to build up your self-confidence, which is why he’s already planned a zip-lining tour, even though you’re afraid of the woods.

Or, he’ll help you overcome your fear of the ocean with an exciting parasailing ride.

He’ll make you try new foods you would otherwise gag at just because you have to try it. It’s not putting you in harm’s way, it’s seeing things in a different perspective.

5. He obliges to selfies and cheesy picture requests.

He knows capturing these moments is not only important to you, but also important to your future together.

Even though he might not let on, he’s also thinking about what you’re going to show the grandkids (or, at the very least, your friends when you return).

He wants to revisit those magical experiences through pictures, too.

6. He takes care of you.

When you’re sunburnt or sick or tired or cranky or hangry, he shows you can rely on him to make it better (and is cool enough to handle your low blood sugar alter ego).

Whether it’s duking it out for the better beach chairs, calling for extra blankets or remembering to pack your sunglasses, he has your best interest in mind and will step up to the plate to make anything happen. Yup, he’s a keeper.

7. Two words: vacation sex.

Well, at least you know he’ll be great when it’s time to make babies...

8. He lets you hit the bathroom first.

He doesn’t take pleasure in making you feel uncomfortable, and he’s not one of those guys who childishly believes girls don’t poop.

He’s not a judger, least of all when it comes to basic things out of your control.

9. You work as a team.

You might be a personal GPS when it comes to navigation; whereas, he can communicate with the locals in their native tongues.

He’ll handle the check-in and hotel reservation; you’ll arrange the flights.

He grabs the drinks and you grab the towels. Your time together doesn’t feel one-sided, or like one person is always carrying the other, which means both people are heard.

10. He wants you to have an even better time than himself.

If that means letting you have all the hangers, he’ll do it. He’ll let you shop and patiently wait as you check out every item on the rack.

He will agree to snorkeling over sightseeing simply because you’ve never done it before. He’ll even splurge on room service and the minibar if it means you’ll have a more relaxing getaway.

11. He takes charge when you need him to.

You know you can’t be trusted with remembering the room keys or drink tickets, so he’ll gladly assume the responsibility. You can’t understand the menu, so you trust him to do the ordering.

He steps up and assumes the role of “Protective Boyfriend” flawlessly when scammers get in your face. He’ll make a great husband because he can anticipate your needs, even when you’re on vacation and there are barely any.