10 Stages You Go Through When You End Up With The Guy Who Chased You

by Stephanie Swain

Sometimes in this life, we are lucky enough to have something wonderful handed to us.

Sometimes, there are things we need to work a little harder for. And sometimes, there is something — or someone — working hard for us, but we just don’t realize it.

It takes a special kind of dedication to determine who or what you want in life and it takes even more dedication to see it out absolutely and watch it become yours.

The chase begins.

This isn’t your typical chase, however. It's an unspoken devotion fueled by more than just an initial attraction.

This guy knows you; he knows your personality and he knows your flaws. In fact, he loves your flaws. For the majority of the time you have known each other, he has known you are the one he hopes to end up with.

At first, maybe he’s just a friend. Maybe he’s a friend of a friend, or maybe he's the guy who’s always been there for you when you needed him.

Maybe he’s the guy who’s asked you on a couple dates, but nothing seemed to really come of it.

You never really know when it will hit you, but one day, you find yourself run down by the love train you didn’t even see coming.

Once it hits, it hits hard and you start wondering why you never managed to put it all together earlier.

Here are the 10 steps of falling for the guy who chased you:

1. You feel stupid. Like, really stupid.

You can’t understand how you went so long not knowing something like this was right within your grasp.

“I could have been living in a literal fairytale for the last like, two years.”

2. You start trying to remember all the things you’ve said and done.

You drive yourself crazy trying to put together all the pieces of past conversations and encounters. Had you been drinking during these encounters? Mental torture.

“He’s seen me drunk, on New Years. I was probably nice to him, though. No, probably not. I’m not nice to anyone when I drink, and it was New Years.”

3. You remember the little things he has done in the past that should have totally clued you in, but didn’t.

You remember that one time three years ago when he brought you coffee to work.

“Wait, was that a sign? No, he said it was just because he worked down the street.”

4. You start to feel really badly for not noticing those things when they happened.

How could you not know, seriously?

“Oh my God. It was totally a sign, and I can’t even remember if I said thank you for the coffee. Maybe he didn’t notice? No, he definitely noticed.”

5. You both feel like you have been together for a lot longer than you actually have been.

Once you start thinking back to all the little things, it is easy to forget you have only been official for a short time.

“I have basically shorted myself at least one to two years of happiness on account of I’m an idiot.”

6. He tells you about things you said or did that you don’t even remember.

It leads you to wonder if they are true, or if he is just trying to make you feel bad because he knows damn well you have no recollection of said happenings.

“Did I actually call him an assh*le that one time? Did I actually call his best friend an assh*le that one time? WHO AM I?”

7. He tells you about things he said or did that you don’t even remember.

He tells you about all of those times he invited you out or tried to make casual conversation, and you just kind of blew him off because of who you are as a person.

“I have only ever ignored like, three of your texts, tops. Okay, maybe more, but who cares because I love you.”

8. You realize how important he really is to you.

You get all the feels when you think about how cute it is that he never gave up on you. All. The. Feels.

“Has anyone ever even fought for me before?”

9. You remember the moment he finally stood up and claimed you as his, and you liked it.

You remember the onset of excitement, intrigue and maybe faint touch of fear as he finally came out and told you how it would be.

Damn, you definitely did not hate that.

“Well alright then, Mr. Takes Charge, let’s just see how this all turns out.”

10. You remember the exact moment when it all turned around for you.

You know exactly when you realized how much you needed him, and you will probably remember that moment for a long, long time.

“Just shut up for like one second because I love you, and I have just really wanted to say that for a long time now.”