Amazon Is Selling A Ton Of These Cheap Beauty Products That Make People Look So Freaking Good

If you’re in the mood to switch it up, these products will elevate your routine.

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With these beauty products, you won’t be pressured to swap out all of your hair products. You also won’t be convinced to switch to lipstick if you only love lipgloss. Instead, this list will politely show you add-ons to your hair routine and way better versions of the gloss you love. There’s no need to change up the looks you love when Amazon is selling a ton of these cheap beauty products that make people look so freaking good.

This Brow Gel That Won’t Sweat Off Even On The Hottest Days

This brow gel needs to hang out next to your waterproof mascara and matte foundation. Why? The tinted formula is also sweat-proof. That means this smudge-proof gel is the perfect match for your other hot weather picks. It comes in five colors to match your natural brows, plus, the brush has a super helpful tapered design to give you the exact look you want.

These Pretty Eye Masks That Will Give You A Refreshed Look

These 24K gold eye masks make you feel cute before you even take them off. This gold look gives your under-eye area collagen, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, moisturizing castor oil, and more for a refreshed, bright-eyed appearance even if you’re dog-tired. This glittery look will give you a de-stressing moment while you apply them, and with the brightening ingredients, your eyes won’t look as stressed when you take these pretty masks off.

This Quirky Collagen Hair Mask That Makes Your Hair So Soft

The quirky packaging of this soy protein hair mask makes your shower look way cuter. Plus, it actually covers your hair in a collagen and ceramide coating for the five to 20 minutes that you wear it. After your rinse off this repairing coating, your hair will be super soft, silky, and lush.

These Peeling Masks That Make Your Feet Look & Feel Better

These sock-like masks will make your feet feel better and more hydrated because it peels off calluses, dry skin, and cracked heels in less than two weeks. These foot masks are filled with citric acid, salicylic acid, moisturizing aloe vera, and more natural ingredients that slowly but surely leave you with baby soft, sandal-ready feet.

A Matte Lip Cream You’ll Actually Want To Apply

Plenty of lip products make your lips look good, but this matte lip cream is the one you’ll actually like applying. The air-whipped cream is lightweight and non-drying, unlike a lot of matte lip products. So, it will look good and won’t feel ridiculously dry and annoying all day. You can also grab this lip cream in 32 colors to perfectly match whatever you’re wearing.

A Vitamin C Serum That Even Looks Freaking Good In Your Cabinet

This vitamin C serum has green and gold packaging that will make your medicine cabinet look so freaking good. It also obviously makes your skin look freaking good with the brightening formula and silky-feeling texture. You also get hyaluronic acid, and this little bottle will feel super soft and hydrating — yay.

This Fast-Acting Hair Treatment That’s Super Lightweight

This is the moisturizing hair treatment to grab if your hair always looks flat after a mask. It’s way more lightweight with a lamellar water technology, and you only need to apply it for eight — yes eight — seconds. Plus, it has a unique dosing bottle with measurements on the back. So, you only pour out as much of this shine-enhancing treatment as your hair can handle.

These False Lashes That Don’t Mess Up Your Eyelids

If your lashes never look good because they make your eyelids red and itchy, grab these reusable false eyelashes. They come with the anti-irritating, vegan lash glue you’ll need to avoid that situation. They’re also lightweight with a super-thin band that gives you lids and lash line a more natural look.

A Body Wash That *Actually* Helps With Dry Skin

Unlike simple moisturizing body wash, this salicylic acid body wash actually helps with dry skin. That’s because it exfoliates the rough or bumpy skin, and it locks in moisture thanks to hyaluronic acid and ceramides. This unique body wash with niacinamide also calms down your skin — just pair with your favorite loofah.

This Pack Of Resurfacing Pads That Aren’t Intimidating

I promise these resurfacing pads are a super gentle treatment — not a scary one. The resurfacing part simply means the 20% glycolic acid formula will exfoliate your skin. It’s as simple as your other exfoliators, but this one has textured pads that make the process easier and cleaner. Each of these pads is also infused with green tea extracts, antioxidants, and more to soothe and protect your skin.

A Hair Mask With So Many Nourishing Oils

This hair mask might be called a coconut oil mask, but it’s also filled with so many more nourishing oils like avocado, olive, classic argan, and castor oils. All of these oils and some handy keratin protein help to cover up split ends or frizz. Even your damaged locks will look hydrated and refreshed.

A Long-Lasting Lip & Cheek Stain You Can Carry With You

Yes — this lip and cheek stain is a liquid formula, but you don’t have to worry about tossing it in your purse when you head out for the evening. It has a spill-proof little bottle that won’t leak cherry pink makeup all in your bag. When you’re ready to pull it out and apply, this sheer stain is non-drying and super glossy for a cute all-day look.

This Gel That Removes Even The Toughest Calluses

If your pumice stone needs a little extra help, use this callus-removing gel after you soak your feet. Simply sit with this extra-strength remover on your most annoying calluses for five to 10 minutes. The thick gel formula won’t slide off your feet while you wait. After you rinse it off, start your normal scrubbing routine with a pumice stone and be ready to have soft feet yet again. If you don’t believe me, just check the nearly 30,000 five-star reviews.

A Glitter Eye Shadow That Is So Fun To Apply & Wear

This glitter eye shadow comes with a brush, so you don’t get it on your fingers when you apply it, which is #goals. Yep — that means you can still apply your concealer after without accidentally mixing glitter into it. The best part is — this shimmery shadow is completely opaque, giving you a bold look you can rock anywhere with confidence.

This Anti-Ingrown Hair Brush That Takes Seconds

This anti-ingrown hair brush gets rid of razor bumps, but more importantly, it makes your skin feel better. Just be sure to use this exfoliator for 10 to 15 seconds twice a day, especially if you prefer to shave. It’s also super helpful to use this gentle handheld brush before you apply tanner for a smooth, even glow.

This Mascara That’s Budget-Friendly But Won’t Flake

This mascara proves that budget-friendly eye makeup doesn’t have to be flakey and smudgey. Not only that, but it’s a false lash mascara with a $5 price tag. The conic fiber brush makes sure your lashes have a ton of volume. Plus, it’s an anti-fade formula that keeps that volume around all day. It’s hard to believe this works, but the 168,000 five-star reviews prove it’s true.

A Hyaluronic Acid Eye Cream That Works Fast

Repairing and moisturizing under your eyes is super quick with this hyaluronic eye cream. It absorbs so quickly, you won’t dread adding it on before your moisturizer. You might even find yourself wanting to use this speedy niacinamide and ceramide cream twice a day — and you totally can.

This Matte Bronzer That Won’t Ruin Your Mattifying Powder

Go ahead and apply this bronzer over your powder without messing up how perfectly matte it is. That’s because it’s complete with minerals that absorb oil and a matte finish to match your powder. If you want one to go with your dewy look, this cruelty-free bronzer also comes in a luminous finish and even highlighter options.

A Hair Finishing Stick That Also Conditions Your Hair

This hair finishing stick does a better job of taming flyaways and baby hairs than sticky hair spray. Plus, it actually conditions your hair instead of simply slicking it back. You use this totally transparent, compact finishing cream when your hair is up or down for a clean look that’s red carpet ready — even if you’re just running around town.

A Mini Face Roller That Absorbs Oil Like Magic

This mini face roller has a unique shine-absorbing volcanic stone in it that lifts away unwanted oil from your skin, leaving you with a fresh, matte-looking face. Think of this roller like blotting papers that you can use over and over again, because the stone pops out and is able to be washed, making this a totally worthwhile investment.

An Exfoliating Mitt That Can Help With Bumps & Self-Tanner

I promise you’ll want this exfoliating mitt in your life. Even if you don’t love self-tanning, the 100% viscose fabric will still help out your skin. You can even use it for uncomfortable bumps on your skin. Unlike sugar scrubs, this budget-friendly mitt also gives you more control over exactly how much you’re exfoliating. There’s also a two-pack option if you want one for exfoliating and one for your self-tanner.

This Illuminating Tinted Lotion With Shea Butter

Unlike a lot of illuminating makeup products, this tinted lotion will actually moisturize your skin. It’s complete with hydrating shea butter and glycerin, so, you can apply this shimmery product to your face and body without it ruining all of the nice moisturizers you put on before your makeup. The result is a sun-kissed look, even if you spend all your time indoors.

This Semi-Permanent Hair Dye You Use Like Conditioner

You use this semi-permanent hair dye like conditioner because it actually is a cleansing conditioner. It has moisturizing almond oil, rose hip oil, shea butter, coconut oil, and more to hydrate your locks. It even comes in a conditioner-like pump bottle that’s way easier than a jar of dye. But unlike normal conditioners, this one tints your hair trendy colors like light pink, mint green, and purple.

This Vitamin E Serum That’s Extra-Calming

Applying a serum is already soothing, but this vitamin E oil is extra-calming. It’s lavender scented, so it’s the perfect thing to apply during your relaxing nighttime skincare routine. You may want to simply apply it for the calming scent, but you’ll get the perks of rice bran, jojoba, and avocado oil. Plus, the 15,000 IU of vitamin E, of course, to rejuvenate your face.

A Waterproof Eyeliner That You Can Use With Ease

You can easily customize the thickness of your liner with this waterproof eyeliner. The secret is the felt brush that’s bendable enough to easily control how thin your liner is, allowing you to get a great cat-eye look. Whatever liner style you love, you’ll always get a matte finish. This eye liner comes in classic brown and black for a timeless look.

This Foot Cream That Helps With Calluses & Hydrates

This 100% natural foot cream gets rid of calluses. Unlike harsh callus products, it hydrates your calluses and dry skin with cold-pressed oils like almond, sunflower, vitamin E, lavender, and more. For the final callus-removing step, you won’t need to search Amazon for a separate pumice stone because it comes with a free one.

A Lipstick To Wear If You Actually Want To Wear Lipgloss

This 16-hour liquid lipstick is perfect if you only ever want to wear lipgloss. I mean, the shiny finish just feels nicer than dry lipstick, am I right? This double-sided lipstick gives you that same finish and glossy feeling with the clear gloss on one side, but it lasts way longer.

This Purple Hair Mask That Is A Must For Blondes

You don’t have to get rid of your purple shampoo, but this purple hair mask does way more for your hair. It has the same toning benefits for those with platinum, blonde, or silver hair, but it is packed with extra-nourishing ingredients such as marula oil, soy protein, coconut oil, and vitamin B5. Together, these things help to strengthen your hair.

This Huge Eyeshadow Palette With An Extra Applicator

This budget-friendly eyeshadow palette gives you 12 colors in three neutral shade combinations to choose from. No matter what palette you buy, you get matte options and a bunch of shimmer shades. You also get two applicator wands, and both of them are double-sided. Basically — you can avoid buying eyeshadow brushes to go with this huge palette, which makes this a great budget-friendly buy.

A Moisturizing Concealer That You Can Roll Right On

If you love layering a neutralizer under your concealer, this moisturizing concealer will actually save you money. In addition to 15-plus skin shades, this comes in a neutralizer option to avoid that first step when you apply your concealer. There’s even a brightening option to pair with your illuminating foundation. Plus, it’s crease-resistant, so you can save money on primer too.

This Cuticle-Fixing Oil With Soothing Scents

Whatever you want to fix about your cuticles, this is the cuticle oil to grab. This oil does way more than simply making your nails smell amazing with the 12 soothing scents. It also helps those cracked cuticles that don’t look super cute at the base of your manicure. That’s because it has vitamin E and cold-pressed oils that feel lightweight despite their hardworking, moisturizing formula.

A Shine-Enhancing Brush That Comes With A Cleaning Tool

This shine-enhancing brush finally gives us an easy way to clean the bristles. Instead of pulling stray hairs and those weird dust clumps with your fingers, you get a little cleaning tool. It gets between the mix of nylon and boar hair bristles to actually get your brush clean. Plus, this bamboo brush comes with an adorable floral bag to keep it clean in case you want to travel with it.

This Makeup Setting Spray With A Sunscreen Option

This makeup setting spray comes in classic, dewy, matte, and even an option with sunscreen. That’s right, you can get a setting spray that has your daily SPF 30 in it. Whether or not you grab the sunscreen option, this spray will prevent smudging and fading for 16 hours, making it the best possible final step in your routine.

These Pimple Patches That Work Overnight

This pack of hydrocolloid pimple patches are actually worth sleeping in because they won’t fall off. They boast all-night adhesion, so they won’t end up on your pillowcase). Each patch is also allergy tested and UV sterilized, so you know they’ll help remove unwanted blemishes and spots without causing more problems.

This Gentle Micellar Water That Removes Makeup Fast

This affordable micellar water calms your skin and doesn’t have any alcohol, oils, or parabens, yet it works hard to remove dirt, grime, and makeup all while feeling so gentle. It comes in four different sizes and a two-pack, because you’re going to want to keep this sensitive skin formula everywhere. Trust me.

A Coffee Exfoliator With Scrubby Salts & Brown Sugar

The organic Kona coffee is what makes this exfoliator a coffee scrub. Don’t worry — it also has sea salt and brown sugar, so it feels like the salt scrubs you’re used to while also helping to work away rough skin. This scrub is also full of moisturizers like grape seed oil, olive oil, shea butter, and more, which will leave you smooth and soft.

This Hair Primer That’s Worth Applying No Matter How You’re Styling

Pop on this clever hair primer with a plant-based formula before you do pretty much anything to your hair (even if you’re not styling your hair at all that day). It’s designed to soothe, hydrate, add protein, protect against heat, and more with one breezy tube.

These Heatless Rollers Without Annoying Clips

These heatless rollers don’t have those annoying clips or hairpins, and you don’t even need to search for your own scrunchies. Instead, these foam rollers come with six sizes and stay secure in your hair with their bendy design, and they’re soft enough to sleep in. These lightweight rollers also come with a bag, so you don’t have to search through your scrunchie drawer to find them.

These Real-Looking Press-On Nails That Don’t Need Glue

Instead of gems and glitter, these press-on nails come in polish options that actually work for everyday wear. You also won’t even need glue to make your nails look trendy with this budget-friendly set. This set of 30 nails has an easy-to-apply waterproof adhesive on the back, and they take no time to dry.

This Hair Spray To Grab When It’s Seriously Humid

This hair spray gives your strands an anti-humidity seal and heat protection up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The lightweight formula can be applied to damp or dry hair, giving it hold without a crunchy, weighed-down feeling. It also lasts for 72 hours, so you only have to apply it once for a long weekend getaway.

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