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Lil Nas shows off short hair at the Grammys very different from his current long, blond hair reminis...

Lil Nas X Compared His Curly Blond Hair To Ramen Noodles And TikTok’s Here For It

Justin Timberlake’s infamous ramen noodle locks have nothing on Montero’s.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lil Nas X appears to be testing out the “blonds have more fun” theory with his latest look. Although the two-time Grammy winner is known for dark hair, his new tresses are reminiscent of the ultimate college food staple. That’s right, Lil Nas X went full Justin Timberlake circa 1999, debuting bleached blond curls he himself compared to ramen noodles, and the nostalgia is so real. Needless to say, fans across TikTok are feeling it.

On Sunday, June 12, the “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” singer shared a selfie featuring a gorgeous mop of blond curls. Regardless of how he got the look, the look is everything. Nas chose a bleached, but warm shade of blond for his new curly hairstyle. While I’d equate the shade to the soft, buttery yellow of Nas’ curls to one of 2022’s biggest hair trends — celebrity stylist Brad Mondo previously told Elite Daily he’d been seeing a lot of that “just bleached” color in recent months — the rapper seemed to have a different, but no less food-based, inspiration. In a TikTok video posted the same day, Lil Nas X can be seen comparing his new hairstyle to unseasoned ramen noodles. “Step 1: Get noodles, Step 2: Bring them to a boil, Step 5: Slayyy 😍😍,” he captioned the footage.

Fans loved the joke and the new look. One TikTok user commented, “The hair is giving 😍,” while another shared, “YOU LOOK STUNNING OH MY GOSH.” In this case, I agree with the all caps; the look is absolutely stunning on the rapper. [The internet seems to agree. Nas also posted his new look on Instagram. Fans on Instagram also couldn’t help but love the lewk. The first post already has over one million likes, but it’s the follow-up photo posted on Monday, June 13, that truly has me gagged.

Between the TikTok video and the Instagram post that reveals the new look, Nas has garnered over 7,000 comments as of press time, most of them glowing and obsessed with the cut and color. Unfortunately for me and the rest of the human race, Nas hasn’t made the details of his new look available yet, so we can’t all book ourselves an appointment to replicate this flawlessly curly style. However, we can emulate the vibes because the Montero rapper has given us some clues to follow should we too wish to attain this level of hair excellence. For starters, the vibe is chill. Nas’ curls aren’t over-styled. They’re not perfectly coifed, and there’s no evidence of excessive hair gel or curl control. Instead, he appears to be embracing a little bit of frizz and letting his type C4 curls do their own gorgeous thing.

The “INDUSTRY BABY” singer picked a cheekbone-skimming length that is more shag than bob and also opted for a pair of choppy, shag bangs that partially obscure his eyes. It’s adorable, y’all, but there’s also a bit of edge — the curls across his face really do make his bone structure pop — and I’m completely in love with the whole thing.

In terms of his new look, I’d say Nas has delivered exactly what the people want to see. It’s a fresh style in a fresh color and I’m crossing my fingers that it’s here to stay. Based on a series of Instagram Stories that showed Nas out and about during Pride Month on the West Coast, I’d say this look is more than a gimmick to delight his social media fans, although I, a fan, am exceedingly delighted. I’d say this curly, shaggy bob is here to stay and slay.