Charli D'Amelio posing in a black dress

Charli D'Amelio Has Self-Care Down To A Science

She'll spend hours taking care of her hair.

In Elite Daily’s series Chill Sesh, your favorite celebrities and influencers dish on their ultimate nighttime wind-down routine. Below, TikTok star Charli D’Amelio shares the lengthy routines and controversial bedtime ritual that helps her fall asleep.

Charli D’Amelio is just days post-wisdom teeth removal when we talk over Zoom. Her face is still green and yellow with bruises, but her temporary lisp has subsided. Don’t worry, though. Even immediately after oral surgery, she captured some content for you. “I actually had a very good experience because I was very happy and I just kept saying, ‘thank you,’” she says. “[I said], ‘They did such a good job. Did I do a good job? It was perfect!’ There definitely will be a vlog about it coming out.” Now, as she heals, D’Amelio is in self-care mode, something she’s particularly passionate, if not meticulous, about.

“You should see my bathroom; it is stocked up with self-care products. I think [self-care] is one of the most calming things I can do,” she says. “Sometimes I'll walk upstairs and my parents will be like, ‘What is on your face?’ because I have this exotic face mask on.” Usually, she’ll retreat to her room, lost in the motions of straightening her hair, grooming her eyebrows, whitening her teeth, and doing her makeup. But even self-care comes with a tinge of D’Amelio’s perfectionism. Her TikTok followers might be enamored with how relatable she seems on camera, swimming in oversize hoodies and drinking an extra-large Dunkin’ iced coffee. But off-camera, her oral hygiene routine is so long, she’s her dentist’s star patient. She’ll disappear for hours on end, only to reemerge when every single aspect of her appearance is exactly how she wants it to be. “I will spend three hours on one thing until it is absolutely perfect. It gets bad sometimes,” she says. “I'll be in my room for five hours and my mom's like, ‘What'd you do?’ I was like, ‘I straightened my hair. But look how perfect.’”

Some things are out of D’Amelio’s control, though, and rather than settle, she calls in reinforcements. After two “upsetting” stints with braces that still left her unsatisfied with how her teeth looked, the TikTok star recently partnered with Invisalign. She says her Clear Aligners gave her results she’s finally “really happy with” — but almost more importantly, they prevented the nuisances that come with braces, like broken brackets, painful wires, and food restrictions. She even designed a custom, limited-edition Aligner Case ($24.99, Invisalign), which I can’t help but think was a subtle ploy to keep her Aligners in the exact, pristine condition in which she likes to keep everything else.

Not all of D’Amelio’s nightly rituals involve straightening all 100,000 hairs on her head or brushing all 32 teeth in her mouth. Below, she reveals a snapshot of her ideal nighttime routine, the most relaxing part of it all, and who she’d want to join in on her chill sesh:

Elite Daily: Tell me a little bit about your Invisalign partnership. How did that come about?

Charli D'Amelio: Our partnership has been something that I would like to believe I started 100%, because I was nonstop asking my team to work with them. I was always a huge fan of the Invisalign Aligners, but I chose braces at first, and then I chose braces again. Then, they took my braces off, and I looked in the mirror and my teeth were still not straight. When all this started, the one thing I kept saying was, "Invisalign and Dunkin’ Donuts. We need to somehow make this happen." I'm a huge gum chewer, I love popcorn — all things that are braces no-nos. So Invisalign works out perfectly for me.

ED: What part of your nightly skin care routine is the most relaxing to you and why?

CD: Oh my goodness, I think that would be brushing my eyebrows after I wash my face. It’s super fun to me because then you watch it all fall back into place. And then, I am this person who will brush [their] teeth for three minutes. I will floss. I use my mouthwash. I will use a tongue scraper. Dentists love me. I do every single thing to a T because that's just who I am.

ED: When you’re doing self-care, if you could invite three other celebrities to join your little nighttime chill sesh, who are you inviting and why?

CD: I feel like I would invite J.Lo because I want to know her beauty secrets. If I don't grow up and have her skin, I will be very upset. [I’d invite] Megan Thee Stallion mostly because I just want to hang out with her and probably Lizzo. She has great skin and she's so positive; I love her. [Her TikTok meals] are the healthiest things in the entire world. I look at them sometimes and I'm like, "You could be doing so much better, Charli. You just ate 40 McDonald's chicken nuggets, and you're wondering why you're breaking out? Make it make sense."

ED: What's a nighttime ritual you practice — or that you aren't practicing but want to start — to help you wind down a bit?

CD: It would probably be going to bed on time. I can lay in bed for three hours just watching TV, and then I look at my clock and it will be so late. I get so mad because I'm like, "You literally have work in the morning. What are you doing?" I tried melatonin. That just did not work for me. So I need to find something that calms me down.

ED: Don't we all? And what nighttime skin care product have you been obsessed with lately?

CD: My moisturizer. I don't know what it is about it. The glow that I get after putting my moisturizer on is the most satisfying thing in the world. And then I'm like, "OK, I can go to bed now." Because I hate it whenever my skin feels dry. I always like to feel a little bit dewy, not oily, but feel dewy and nice. That's what I love.

ED: What's one nighttime practice, skin care or otherwise, you think everyone's sleeping on?

CD: This is literally so bad. Everyone will probably say that I'm wrong, but it's watching TV to go to bed. I can't fall asleep if there's not noise and lights. I have TV shows that are, like, my background noise for [going to bed]. I need as many things going on so I can focus on the one thing that I actually need to do. Also, I literally completely contradicted myself. I said TV was bad, and then I said TV was good. So I might just be trying to make myself think that it's OK.

ED: How would you feel about people using The D'Amelio Show as their background noise at night?

CD: That'd be so cool. Sometimes I'm like, "That's going to be so odd. I'm going to be on people's TV screens? That is so weird." But then sometimes I'm like, "That's the coolest thing ever." It's growing on me. But I do sit deep in my thoughts and think, "Well, I wonder if people talk about me at school? What are they saying at school?"

ED: That's so wild. Is there anything surprising about the show you think people might not be expecting?

CD: It's a lot of what happens when the cameras are off and how we, as a family, help each other get through the things that maybe aren't so easy.