Your New Year's Eve Kiss: Fairytale Or F*cking Stupid?

by Elite Daily Staff

The tradition of kissing someone on New Year’s Eve feels as outdated as the yuletide practice of kissing someone under the mistletoe. So it's supposed to predict your love life in the coming year? More like your next oral herpes outbreak… amiright!?

There have been movies, books and essays dedicated to analyzing the New Year’s Eve kiss, which lead me to believe one thing: Even though it’s quite cheesy, it’s still an exciting part of the holiday.

To be honest, sometimes it’s just fun to believe in magic! Maybe I’ve been watching too many Jennifer Garner rom-coms, but I enjoy a good fairytale, especially if it involves an NYE kiss. Suppose you meet The Almighty One at the stroke of midnight, share a sweet kiss and then proceed to fall in love over the course of the year. What a great story to tell at parties!

All fantasies aside, however, it doesn’t change the fact that the hype surrounding who you’re going to kiss at midnight makes it not only unappealing, but it also ruins the fun. The whole point of the New Year’s Eve makeout is to believe in fate, so there really shouldn’t be any prepping or preparing involved. If it’s meant to be, like the tradition follows, then it’s meant to be.

Nor would I suggest going into the night with any expectations -- that’s always a recipe for a letdown. Start off 2014 right, with confidence, happiness and joy, rather than focusing on with whom you’re going to play tonsil hockey. That’s a lame way to ring in the New Year anyway.

The aura of the New Year’s Eve kiss is the unknown anonymity of it all. You could get tongue-tied with a total stranger, peck your BFF on the mouth or totally go for it with your secret admirer. Don’t take the excitement out of the smooch by putting too much emphasis on it. The allure of New Year’s Eve is the element of surprise and unexpected encounters.

We even feel a little silly for spending so many words on the topic -- the New Year’s Eve kiss really doesn’t mean much! Is the custom worth the buildup or is it just taboo? Let the cards fall as they may and go into the New Year as your best self. That’s sure to attract a handsome lover once the ball drops.

The Total Rando Kiss

Going at it with a complete stranger has its appeals, and who knows what that means romantically for your upcoming year. Just be sure that he's not packing any heat near or around his mouth and you'll be good to go!

The Best Friend Forever Kiss

Quite possibly the best person to kiss on New Year's Eve, your best friend is clean, fun and your favorite person in the world. It all makes sense -- and it's totally non-committal!

The Relationship Kiss

You guys have been dating long enough to spend New Year's Eve together and have it mean something, which means your kiss will likely extend way past the stroke of midnight and upset multiple packs of onlooking single girls.

The Long-Awaited Crush-Worthy Kiss

Heads-up: We're about to get real cheesy on you. For all the hopeless romantics who have been waiting for this night so you can finally makeout with the guy you've had your eye on, go for it! It's a New Year and you're not about to hold back. Talk about setting this party off right.

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