Your Coworkers May Not Be As Sweet As You Think

Do you enjoy your work environment? Have you made friends will all of your coworkers? Do you think they’re sweet and genuine? If so, you may want to be a little bit more careful about letting your guard down just yet.

In today’s most ridiculous news, it seems as if someone has put in the time and effort to conduct a survey to find out if your coworkers are judging you or not, particularly when it comes to your hair.

In a recent Australian survey, 73 percent of responders said that hair is definitely a factor when they’re evaluating someone’s professionalism. Most people even feel strongly about your hair color. The survey concluded that the majority of respondents felt that red heads have the “least professional” shade of hair. It’s always the poor red heads.

The survey also found that people think women who let their hair down are seen as less proficient than those who wear their hair pulled back. This, I can understand. I have more hair than anyone would ever hope to have and when it’s down, I honestly can’t help but constantly pull it behind my ears and push it out of my face. If someone were watching me do that in an office setting, they’d most likely think I was a dumb female who gets nothing done.

Does the style of your hair really affect your professionalism? In some cases, I’d say yes. I mean, someone with Rihanna red hair or a crazy style is bound to draw attention to herself. I know it’s a way to express yourself, but as far as old school perception goes, people will judge you in the office no matter what.

Photo Credit: Getty Images