15 Things Beyoncé Has Taught Women About Life Through Her Music

by Victoria Pickens

You don't need to be part of the Beyhive to know that Beyoncé is kind of a big deal.

She has been making music for over a decade and continues to be one of the top female artists in the world. We’ve all heard her songs, but we may not have all understood her messages.

She has taught us a lot over the years, but just as in school, a teacher can only be successful if the student is aware of the lesson.

Here are some life lessons Beyoncé has taught us about life, love and being a straight-up boss:

1. We need to tell a guy when he's bugging.

I'm sure many of us have encountered guys who make us want to throw our phones out the window. Just like in Destiny's Child's "Bug-A-Boo," we should be upfront when their behavior is "not hot" instead of beating around the bush with it.

2. Call your man out when you think he's playing games.

If you're suspicious of your boyfriend's shady behavior, simply call him and tell him three simple words: "Say My Name." If he's as innocent as he claims to be, he shouldn't have a problem saying, "Baby, I love you."

3. When you fail, work harder.

If things aren't coming together as quickly as you had hoped, or if you're not doing as well as you expected, keep pushing through your hardships and come out on top, anyway. A "Survivor" never gives up and never stops.

4. Be independent so you won't have to rely on anyone else.

Buy your own diamonds and buy your own rings and don't depend on a guy to buy you things and pay your bills. "Independent Women" take pride in saying, "I bought it."

5. If he really likes you, he shouldn't hesitate to put a ring on it.

There's nothing worse than an overly possessive guy who wants you to be all about him, even if he’s not really all about you. If you aren't feeling appreciated, let him know you are now part of the "Single Ladies" club.

6. Girls "Run the World."

We are totally capable of taking over the world and doing whatever we want. Graduating from college, bearing children and then getting back to business? No problem. We run this sh*t (whether other people are willing to acknowledge it or not).

7. Find someone who loves you, "Flaws and All."

To truly be in love, you have to be with someone who accepts you for who you truly are: train wreck in the morning and bitchy in the afternoon. We will always be queens in our true soul mate's eyes, even with messy hair and no makeup.

8. Ride for your significant other.

You and your guy should be best friends, like "Bonnie & Clyde" (minus the illegal activities). If you're "Crazy in Love," you won't really care if the loving has a price. You should stick by his side through the good and the bad, and he should do the same for you.

9. Keep your sex life private.

Instagram, Facebook and everybody at the party don’t need to see what you and your boyfriend do when you're fooling around.

If you two are so horny that you can't wait until you're alone in your room, at least ask the driver to roll up the "Partition"... or in other words, hide somewhere while you do it.

10. Show your man how much you appreciate him.

If you have a really good boyfriend and you know it, show him.

11. If you find out someone did you wrong, send him to the left.

It's initially heartbreaking to learn that you've been cheated on or lied to, but remember that no one is "Irreplaceable." Chances are, there is probably someone lined up waiting for a chance to date you, so pack the cheater’s bags and send him on his way for good.

12. It's okay to express your heartache and say, "I Care."

You don't need to always have it together. Part of being strong means being able to express yourself openly and without fear. If someone breaks your heart, tell him how you feel and how full of "Resentment" you are as a result.

13. You can be your own best friend.

So after you've been riding for your significant other all these years, you discover that he wasn't really riding for you. Now, it's time to ride for you.

If you find out in the end that all you really have is "Me, Myself and I," then just know that those are still three really great people to have.

14. You don't have to be humble 100 percent of the time.

If you've been really killing it, from the way you look to the things you do, don't be bashful about it. Tell your competition and haters to "Bow Down," and show respect.

15. Leave a positive mark on the world.

It’s a great goal to metaphorically leave your footprints on the sand of the world. Do things that help others and create something so that even when you're no longer around, the world will still be able to hear you say, "I Was Here."

Photo credit: WENN