Yoko Ono Accused Of Imitating Designs

You all know Yoko Ono, the famous woman who’s been strongly accused of breaking up The Beatles. She’s been keeping to herself since John Lennons’s death, which was why I was surprised when it was announced that she would be collaborating on a menswear collection of all things.

The menswear collection was created for Opening Ceremony. Yes, the company does put out a few interesting pieces here and there, but this one is particularly… unique. The collection features handprints on certain… aspects of men’s clothing.

It turns out that this ultra unique design may not have been particularly unique to Yoko Ono. Brooklyn based designer Haleh Nematzadeh has filed a lawsuit against Ono, claiming that Ono stole her designs.

Supposedly, Nematzadeh met with “photographers for Opening Ceremony” in July “hoping to get imaged of her Gonna Walk the Night collection in the store’s catalog.” In turn, photographers allegedly collaborated with Yoko on taking Nematzadeh’s designs as a little more than inspiration for her own collection with Opening Ceremony.

Here is an example of the designs. Namatzadeh’s designs on the left and Ono’s designs on the right:

Do you think Namatzadeh has a case?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images