Yes, This Is Real: Find A Man On Demand With 'Rent A Gent'


This is the stuff dreams are made of. Instead of trying to find the perfect man at a dingy bar full of drunk college-aged kids on a Friday night, now all you have to do is dial the phone (or log in on the nearest laptop).

It sounds like a step above picking someone up on a street corner, although it kind of is like doing that, minus the sex (we think).

New company Rent A Gent is filling a serious niche in the female consumer community and offering "handsome, smart, and talented men for rent."

Boasting the "top 1 percent" of men, this start-up offers a variety of services, including "singing, bar tending, dancing, stripping, cooking, teaching guitar, personal training, cleaning, and being an amazing and handsome date."

Prices vary (presumably based on the hotness of the hunk they send your way), but range from $750 for a date to $500 for dinner to $450 for a bachelorette party (wonder what he does there...). What can I say? Lovin' don't come cheap.

In an video introducing some of their steamier rental options, Rent A Gents calls this business "Men on Demand." Me likey.

via Rent A Gent