Working Moms Are The Real MVPs And The Reason For Your Success

by Niki McGloster
Kristen Curette

Growing up, my mom was not unlike TV's favorite MILF, Lorelei Gilmore. She set aside parental guilt to solely finance our three-woman household and still made ample time to be a doting parent.

Though completely unbeknownst to me at the time, I was subconsciously absorbing valuable behaviors to flip my college degree into dollar signs. And according to Harvard University research, my single mama's the reason I flourished.

Harvard professor Kathleen McGinn finds that women raised by working moms in the US earn 23 percent more than women of stay-at-home moms. Though there's no indication that daughters raised by gainfully employed parents are assured employment, they are more likely to land jobs and hold supervisory positions.

Unfortunately, Ariana Grande's favorite country now shows a drop-off of working mothers, but studies show that your mama's work patterns outside the home –– full-time or part-time –– between your birth and 14th birthday are what saved you from living like Ilana and Abbi.

So whether you're chained to a desk or hopelessly mashing for your dreams, you have your working mom to partially thank for your self-made success. Here's how your maternal role model's hard work set your hustle aflame.

You have an unshakeable sense of independence.

Daughters of mothers who decide to self-govern their finances flaunt brazen independence in social settings, especially amongst peers.

According to a study conducted by Dr. Hoffman, PhD, your self-reliant soul's 'I-got-this' attitude will lead to more assertion when making choices. This boosts the confidence needed for leadership positions and helps you climb the ladder without crutches.

No one will outwork you.

Despite well-accepted myths that we're lazier than generations past, dream-oriented Millennials arguably work smarter to get sh*t done and commit to reach the sky's limit.

If your family's first lady set a professional bar, your will to succeed may force you into Beyonce-style workaholism, being 4.5 percent more likely to be employed than the daughter of stay-at-home moms and -- literal bonus! -- raking in higher incomes.

No matter where you flex your book smarts, you're a proverbial apple that fell from your mother's purposefully ambitious tree.

Your feminist levels will be higher than Wiz Khalifa.

Before Oprah and Sheryl Sandberg, your mom was your first introduction to a strong lady boss.

And since your badass mama dukes opted for career goals, you have less traditional gender-role attitudes, meaning you're less likely to downplay your breadwinner potential. You have a role model teaching you to constantly strive for a respectable rank and an equal voice in male-dominated spaces.

Even at home, you'll nix the 1950s idea of limiting your talents to Suzy Homemaker status.

What's more? A man who grew up with a working mom will be more willing to help out with childcare each week.

You'll be a multitasking role model like Miranda Hobbes.

Being a mom is hard work regardless of any woman's W-2 status. But for kids who watched their mom maneuver household chores on top of a workload, juggling the office, bae-ships, friendships and domestic BS is second nature.

You won't sweat the small scheduling conflicts while trying to find work-life balance. Why? You grew up under the rule of a superheroine who naturally nailed it.

Add thanking your mom for your success to today's to-do list.