Women Are The Leaders Of Our Time

We are in the year 2013, women use ovens for storage and men are stay at home dads. Throw away conventionality and gender roles because in this day and age women are taking over the world of leaders -- one red bottom at a time. It occurred to me in the middle of conference calls and catching up with hundreds of emails (before 10am), that I am, like many women around me, the modern day superwoman.

As I try to catch up on my current events while writing status documents and setting up marketing campaigns, I realized  women are single-handedly taking over the press (and business), making headlines in every possible field:

Beyoncé is still celebrated for her Superbowl performance and HBO documentary; Anna Wintour just got a new promotion at Vogue; Alicia Keys landed a Creative Director role at Blackberry; our very own first lady snatches more headlines than the President of the United States of America, and not to mention the chairman offices of Facebook, IBM and other Fortune 500 corporations are occupied by women in their suit and tie (and stilettos).

For men this may not appear to be a big deal, as they've been doing this since day one. You know, making business deals and founding multimillion dollar companies. No shade. We thank you for leading the way for so many decades. But there is a new commander in chief in tow and we need you to notice.

Men argue that we aren't equal because they've been doing this for longer, but the difference between men and women is that although men tend to take work home and write briefs in the middle of dinner, women have to get home (to their other job)..

AND make dinner and bathe the kids and help them with their homework and iron her husband's suits for the next day and still have some some time for herself to you know -- sleep! And not to mention we still have to go to the beauty salon every now and then to keep them from cheating.

Unbeknownst to our superiors, we still have to be at work at 9 a.m. the next day because your boss couldn't care less that your newborn kept you up last night or that your sitter came in late -- and in a way we should be glad (even relieved) we've gotten to the point where at work we are not a gender, we are a title and therefore entitled.

We don't look to be given special treatment because we carry our children 9 months and then care for them their whole lives, instead we want to be able to walk in a meeting and be the President, and just that. No asterisks next to my name because I am woman, no disclaimer. Just a title.

So while I don't wish to be made excuses for just because my work is way beyond the office, I also don't want to be underestimated or taken for granted -- and no woman does, believe me.

We are constantly fighting for equality, to be on the same level as men, when in reality what we are fighting for is recognition, for men to surrender and accept that we are also contributors in fields they tend to take ownership of, like finance and law.

Women are the leaders of this day. We may not have always brought home the bacon (because we had to fight to even wear pants in lieu of an apron) but we are making a bigger contribution to the world that can't be measured in numbers, or any materialistic value for that matter. It's just that now we've expanded our specialties and are click-clacking our heels to (what used to be) your office too.

Isamar Avery | Elite.