What Women Have To Go Through Just To Feel Safe At Night Is Horrifying (Video)

Gym shoes on and ready to run, keys in hand being wielded like a weapon.

This is the way many women feel like they have to walk when alone at night.

"What It's Like to Be a Woman at Night," produced by BuzzFeed, takes testimonials from different women, and shows how they all share the same unfortunate sentiment: they feel unsafe in their own cities.

The somber clip shows the "debilitating" impact that the fear of street harassment and sexual assault has on women.

"You try to tell yourself that you're a brave, strong person, and you shouldn't be afraid of walking alone. Like it sounds really simple and easy, but that's just not the case."

Testimonials from these six women reveal the sad reality that many women don't feel safe in the places where they work, commute and live after a certain hour.

It's not right that women feel the need to take certain precautions — like carrying pepper spray or taking self-defense classes — to ensure that they won't be turned into a victim when it's dark outside.

via The Huffington Post