Women Discover Perfect Way To Get Sexual Harassers To Leave Them Alone (Photos)


A long while back, YouTube comedienne Jenna Marbles made a video hilariously detailing the best way to get people to leave you alone: Pull a really ugly face and commit to it.

Recently, while walking home in her city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, one girl did just that to escape the prying eyes of male predators -- and it totally worked.

Débora Adorno took to Facebook to rehash her experience.

When she was walking home through crowded streets, she had to "slow down and hear all those things, receiving these awful pervert stares from those guys."

Adorno remembers in that moment she felt “powerless and trapped.”

Unfortunately, she says,

So instead of fearfully fleeing, she decided to repel the creeps in the funniest way possible -- by pulling a butt-ugly face to weird 'em out.

It worked.

She wrote,

She shared a picture of her trademark man-repelling face via social media to help other ladies find a way to escape harassment, and since then, it's caught on.

Scores of girls have since shared their versions of what Adorno calls the “toothy face” in a show of solidarity.

Check out the hilarious (and, frankly, ingenious) pervert-protecting face below, and remember to do your best toothy face next time you're feeling less than safe in the company of creepers.  On behalf of women everywhere: Adorno, you are our hero.

Adorno's original toothy face:

And the girls who've copied it:

The face involves pulling your lip up over your teeth:

It's pretty unattractive:

Which is exactly the point:

It's meant to scare away creepy pervs:

And it totally works:

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