Zara Accused Of Unfair Labor Practices


Zara has frequently been under fire for accusations of unfair labor practices, a common problem amongst fast-fashion companies. For the second time in two years, Zara is being accused of unfair and inhumane labor practices in its factories.

The Spanish brand, which hosts factories in Argentina, has continued to utilize those factories, which were previously closed by the South American country’s government due to severe hygiene and safety concerns.

The factories in question reportedly employed mostly undocumented immigrants, some children, who allegedly worked long hours in unsafe conditions for meager wages.

Reports come after Zara vowed to clean up its act after Inditex was discovered to have sourced from Brazilian factories keeping their workers in “slave like” conditions, just back in August 2011.

The company was forced to pay approximately $530K in fines, along with rightful compensation of its workers.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images