So What About The Introverts?


I’ve posted several articles now on the importance of being a forward and aggressive (but not too aggressive) woman when it comes to the business world. Being a minority, it certainly is important to assert yourself and let everyone know that you are in fact more than capable of whatever job put in front of you.

But what about the introverts? Everyone has a different type of personality. Some people are very loud and outspoken and others are shy and quiet. There’s nothing wrong with either of these things. You are who you are after all.

I myself am a hybrid of both. At first meeting I am quiet and extremely shy. I don’t make eye contact and I tend to whisper. After I warm up to you, my social skills improve, and at a certain point in our relationship, you’ll be wishing that I shut up and stopped being so energetic.

So I know what it’s like to be both, and to be an introvert, can sometimes be a pain in the ass. You want so badly to get out there and not be so kept to yourself, but you can’t help it.  Do not let this discourage you, because introverts hold a certain advantage over the extroverts that many people don’t realize.

Introverts have the power to really see and hear things. By nature, introverts are quiet, reserved, subdued, etc. They spend more time to themselves not speaking than the extroverts do. Because of this, they have a major advantage. Extroverts typically spend the majority of their time being forward, talkative, engaging and sometimes that hinders them from truly listening.

By hearing and seeing more than others in the work place, introverts have the advantage of getting ahead in their profession. Of course, this is only an opinion of mine.

What do you think about this theory?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images