Anna Wintour Gets A Promotion

Is there anything Anna Wintour cannot do? The answer is, no. The world’s most famous editor in chief has just been given a promotion within Conde Nast. Did we even think that was possible?

Conde Nast has promoted Anna Wintour to the very important, and newly created, role of artistic director. Don’t worry though Vogue fanatics, she can still stay in her role as the editor in chief of Vogue and editorial director of Teen Vogue.

“The establishment of an Artistic Director is a reflection of our commitment to preserve and champion all that exists ‘Only at Conde Nast,’” the chief executive of Conde Nast, Charles H. Townsend recently said in a release.

“This is the ideal time to leverage Anna’s extraordinary vision and leadership to amplify and elevate the profile of Conde Nast U.S. both domestically and abroad. Anna is an icon in the worlds of fashion, business and the arts, she has the foresight and wisdom to influence the major trends of our society and is respected globally as an accomplished businesswoman.”

So, what exactly is Miss Wintour going to do in her new role? According to the release, Anna will curate and cultivate the creative vision for the Company, working with the extraordinary editorial talent at Conde Nast to shape its artistic inspiration and innovation across all platforms.

Essentially, Anna will be Conde Nast’s one person-consulting firm. Will this lead to less involvement in Vogue? Only time will tell.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images