3 Ways Women Can Start Asking For The Type Of Sex They Really Want

by Autumn Myers
New Line Cinema

Sex has been something inserted into our minds since a young age as the forbidden act. It's the act that drives you down nothing but chaotic downfalls.

We women have had this engraved into our minds since the dawn of time. We think it's perfectly OK for men to bed-hop, but women must always be chaste.

Now we are in 2016. It still seems some women are afraid to openly say, “I enjoy sex.” Many women haven't even watched porn yet. This is shocking because this is how most men learn about sex.

Now, it's time for a change. As we fight for to be viewed as more than classified stereotypes, here are three ways we can change the idea that women can experiment with sex and not feel guilty about it:

1. Watch Porn

This may new territory for some women, but hello, this is how guys learn how to perform the act. Figure out what they are so intrigued with and learn. Figure out what you like about this kissing scene, or don't. It's up to you.

Just get a little familiar and even watch just 10 minutes of it. If you are not into the moaning and awkward groans, then I suggest the mute button.

2. Buy A Toy

Remember that scene when Charlotte tried the Rabbit vibrator for the first time in "Sex And The City?" She had never done anything with a toy before, and she enjoyed it a little too much.

Now, don't go to these extremes, but find a toy and enjoy it. It also doesn't have to be nothing crazy expensive. A vibrator is something to enjoy. Find your secret spot, and maybe after a long day, enjoy some you time.

This is not something to hide and be ashamed of. It is how you find what stimulates you, and it can make your sex life amazing when you're single or fighting with the significant other. So, head to sex shop and find your perfect match.

3. Buy Contraceptives

Yes, ladies. Walk into that store, and be OK with buying your condoms. This is nothing we should be ashamed of anymore because we are being active about protecting ourselves and our bodies. We are taking a stand on what happens to our bodies after we become intimate with our partners.

Contraceptives come in different forms to allow you to be safe and protect you against certain effects after sex. Now, learn which ones will work for you, and invest in buying some. So, "woman up" and head to the drugstore with pride, and pick out those condoms on the counter with some dignity. In the end, you are still probably getting laid, and that is a good feeling, too.

Sex should be great for both sides. We shouldn't hide it. We should figure out what works for us and what makes us happy as equal partners in sex. Never be ashamed of a natural feeling. Be proud of these urges, and embrace them.