Women Are Bringing Home The Bacon

The women’s suffrage movement is very close to reaching it’s 100 year anniversary and yet, America is still so divided when it comes to equal opportunity amongst the sexes. Women still (on average) make less than their male counterparts, but interestingly enough, are we making more as a whole?

According to the Pew Research Center, 4 in 10 American households with children now have a mother who is either the sole or primary earner for the family. That’s four times as many female breadwinners than in 1960 and close to half of all families.

This is great! Isn’t it? Well, apparently not. Most Americans are fine with the idea of a woman out-earning her partner, but only 28 percent of people agreed that it is “generally better for a marriage if the husband earns more than his wife.”

Public opinion isn’t nearly so positive when it comes to women who are also mothers. Half of Americans say children are better off with their mothers at home (but only 8 percent say the same about father).

What’s even more disturbing? An all male panel recently discussed all of this new research over at Fox News and had a few choice words as to how they felt about this statistic. Some of the phrases used were:

  • “the disintergration of marriage”
  • “something going terribly wrong in American society”
  • “tearing us apart”
  • “bad for kids, bad for marriage”
  • “the breakdown of family structure”
  • “it could undermine our social order”

Alright guys, relax. Yes, there is no denying that a mother plays a much more important role in a child’s life (not saying that a man is incapable of properly raising a child, but a connection between a mother and child is unmatched), but I’m pretty sure a mother earning enough money to provide for her child is perfectly fine.

Not trying to bruise your ego guys, but if your girl earns more money than you do, get over it.

Photo Courtesy: Getty Images