Woman Takes Selfie Everyday For 6.5 Years While Battling Depression And Anxiety (Video)

by Alexia LaFata

Rebecca Brown was diagnosed with an impulse control disorder called trichotillomania that caused her to pull her hair out of her head when she was feeling anxious.

From the ages of 14 to 21, Brown took a photo of herself every single day. She's now compiled the photographs and created a video montage for her YouTube channel.

The photos show her physical transformation, but we also pass through milestone moments of her life where she posts notes about her bouts of depression, suicidal tendencies and more.

We see her from long haired to short, to her first boyfriend, to her travels, to her first experiences in a hospital, and then back again. The notes she posts throughout the film help us see past the physical transformation and into what made Rebecca, Rebecca.

She leaves a message about beauty in the comments section of her video:

Beauty is more than what we see with the eyes. People are more than their conditions. I am more than my hair and skin. This only shows my exterior, I hope that people will check out my videos to see more of the girl inside.

Her transformation is truly fascinating.

H/T: Huffington Post