Woman Gets Magazine-Style Airbrushing To Show How It Looks Nothing Like Her Real Picture (Photo)

Open a magazine, and what do you see? A perfectly sculpted figure, thin torso, perfect complexion, no unwanted marks or blemishes, and the list goes on. You immediately say to yourself: “Why can’t I look like that?”

The truth is, no one actually looks like that. We live in a generation where Photoshop and photo editing apps have taken over.

Go out with some of your girlfriends, take a few pictures, and a hundred bucks you too will make sure to edit every single picture before putting it on Instagram or Facebook.

One woman, Luisa Peacock, decided to prove to us all how a few touch ups can make her look like a totally new person. She decided to get airbrushed -- skinnier, more done up, a perfect complexion -- leaving viewers to question if the end result was actually her.

It is sad that our generation is so absorbed by the idea of being perfect that people forget they can’t (and don't need to) change themselves in real life.

Watch the video and you may never want to edit your pictures again.

I got airbrushed stick thin - and now I look like a skinny bitch! My body image experiment - http://t.co/kRkaEUOB6e pic.twitter.com/TBQKUuTSK4 — Louisa Peacock (@louisapeacock) June 5, 2014
And here's me after being supersized as part of body image experiment.http://t.co/kRkaEUOB6e pic.twitter.com/Yvzecqisbd — Louisa Peacock (@louisapeacock) June 5, 2014

via The Telegraph, Photos Courtesy: Twitter