This Woman Was Sick Of Creepy Dudes On Tinder, So She Drew Unflattering Naked Portraits Of Them


Now here's something James Franco didn't think about when he creeped on a 17-year-old: what if she seeks revenge by drawing an incredibly unflattering image of you naked with your pickup lines attached?

That's exactly how brilliant artist Anna Gensler decided to retaliate after icky guys on Tinder objectified her in their messages.

Anna Gensler has an easy, three-step process for "objectifying men who objectify women": “Man sends crude line via Internet. Draw him naked. Send portrait to lucky man, enjoy results.”

Actually, it's pretty fun to see Anna's results (we've never been handy with a paintbrush).

Why use Tinder to find a relationship when you can instead find someone to make your very own, personalized "Titanic" portrait?

That really lasts forever.

H/T: Slate, Photo Courtesy: Instagram