14 Reasons Being A Woman Is The Best Superpower You Can Have

By Gigi Engle
“Most maidens are perfectly capable of rescuing themselves in my experience, at least the ones worth something, in any case.” ― Erin Morgenstern, "The Night Circus"

Being a woman is a truly amazing thing. To be a woman is to be a strong and resilient being who is able to handle anything that comes her way. We don’t need to be saved or rescued. We are not damsels.

We can save ourselves.

We experience so much yet we do it with ease.  When you’re constantly on the harder road, you’re bound to develop a thick skin.

We keep our cool. We don’t need to shoot lasers from our eyes to vanquish our enemies, and we don’t need the strength of steel to handle ourselves.

A woman can handle it all because she is a woman. If you’re a woman, you’re already a superhero.

In fact, just being a woman is the closest thing to a superpower you can have. Being a woman comes with all kinds of special traits that are so close to being a superhuman that it's mind-blowing. Here are a few:

1. We can shape-shift to different identities.

Women can really do it all. We’re mothers, we’re friends, we’re bosses and we’re CEOs. We are able to wear whichever hat is needed of us. We’re crafty chameleons who know how to behave in every single situation. We can fill any role that needs taking.

2. We literally have the power to create human life.

We are the vessels for actual life. We are responsible for human existence. Our bodies are capable of INCREDIBLE, MIND-BLOWING things. If that’s not a superpower, what the heck is?

3. We can break the glass ceiling with our bare hands.

Women are out there fighting every day to be equals in the workforce. We’re tearing down the glass ceilings and taking our places at the top.

4. We can see through people.

We are creatures with emotional intelligence and can read people like a psychic does a crystal ball. We can see through an act and we can decode any bad intentions. We are not to be messed with.

5. We’re bulletproof to societal tropes.

We’re constantly told to be “feminine” or “girly.” We’re told to care about our weight; we’re told we’re not pretty enough without makeup and we’re told we shouldn’t try to be the boss. Despite all of this negativity, we soldier on. We don’t let it get in the way of what we want.

6. Our bonds of sisterhood are unbreakable.

We’re loyal to each other. The bond between females is infallible. We will come to the rescue of a fellow female at the drop of a hat. We believe in each other. Feminism forever.

7. We have the resilience to move on from anything that comes our way.

We have the ability to move on with our lives when something bad happens. Nothing can keep us down for long. If we hit rock bottom, we pick ourselves right back up again. We let all negativity roll off of us.

8. We have the incredible ability to heal.

We’re naturally compassionate. We’re givers and healers. Our kindness and warmth are not weaknesses; they're true strengths. A woman can mend a broken heart with her tender love and care.

9. We can catch whatever fireballs are thrown at us.

We’re faced with ridiculous beauty standards -- from weight to makeup -- and yet, we’re still able to take it all in stride. We’re master jugglers. We can handle it all.

10. We are practically invincible to pain.

As women, we have the ability to overcome incredible amounts of pain. From childbirth to heartbreak, there is no pain we cannot handle. We are fierce.

11. We can read minds.

We can know what those closest to us are thinking without ever speaking a word. When we’re with our best friend, it’s like we can tell exactly what she’s feeling and she doesn’t have to say a thing. If she’s upset, something as simple as a narrowing of the eyes or flip of the wrist is enough to send out a signal.

12. We can keep perfect balance… all while walking in heels.

We are able to be career women, wives and mothers. We know how to perfectly balance every aspect of our lives. We kill it in boardrooms and at home. We’re superwomen, after all.

13. We’re strong enough to be vulnerable.

We feel things. We embrace our feelings and we’re not afraid of them. We are strong enough to allow our hearts to be open. True fortitude comes from the ability to be soft rather than putting on a hard front and shutting people out.

14. We know our power, but we never brag.

A real superhero knows what she is capable of, but doesn’t feel the need to brag about it. We're strong, we're independent and we're fabulous. No matter what anyone may think, women are the ones holding the cards.

Women are the real superheroes of the world. Tune-in for the premiere of SUPERGIRL Monday, October 26 8:30 | 7:30c on CBS. #MySupergirl