Men Don't Know How To React When A Woman Accepts Their Compliments (Photos)

by Emily Arata

If you want to stop a man in his tracks, just accept his compliment.

The Internet is packed with screenshots from Tumblr and Tinder alike, showing how often men feel insulted when women don't accept their compliments.

Social media experimenter Gweneth Bateman decided to try a new technique: Every time she received a positive remark from the opposite sex, she accepted it, curious to see what would happen.

The West Midlands, England woman even reposted the results of other women who tried the same thing.

The results, to be honest, are pretty disheartening. For every man happy for the attention, there are three who can't believe she'd be ballsy enough to agree with them.

In the defense of these men, it's difficult to interpret tone through text message, and a simple "yes" can sound like a snappy response rather than a short, polite reply.

Bateman told BuzzFeed she's struggled with the negative responses to her experiment, although it was worthwhile.

She added, "For many men, beauty, coolness, [and] desirability are gifts they alone can bestow upon women."

"They get baffled, even aggressive when you show you've known you possess those things all along.”

Bateman plans to stand up and acknowledge her best traits, in both social media and real life.

And occasionally, she even gets a nice response.

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