Why Women Need To Stop Being Mean Girls To Each Other

by Jen Gosline

Nothing breaks my heart more than when I observe girls be rude to other girls. I, for one, have never been one to judge, and fully believe in female empowerment. Why have women not yet taken over the world? Because girls can be awful — straight up. We form cliques, talk behind each other’s backs and judge whether or not our “friends” are living correctly. Why are so many girls threatened by the way others dress, behave or whom they choose to date?

Jealousy is an inherent part of nature, and one that needs to be controlled. Why is it so much easier to speak badly about someone rather than choose to see the good in people? It is hard enough being a girl — we deal with periods, makeup and behaving acceptably. All this, combined with the added stress of consistent judgment, is enough to drive anyone insane. It’s so sad that we’re limited by each other’s actions and hurtful words. Every girl needs to work on this.

Stop calling each other names. Does it make you feel better about yourself knowing that you slept with one fewer guy than your friend? Regardless, don’t call her a whore or a slut. It is hurtful and immature. If a girl wants to make out with someone at a party, it’s her choice. Guys get high fives while girls get reprimanded and called names. In turn, guys feel that they’re allowed to call girls names.

When a girl gets mad at another girl for hooking up with her current boyfriend or an ex, I want to scream bloody murder. I understand that it’s a bad situation, but why are you not mad at your guy instead? It is not the duty of a random girl to respect your current or past relationship; it is the duty of your awful boyfriend not to cheat.

You’re not fat, and neither is the random girl ahead of you. Judging someone’s body type only reflects your own insecurity. If a girl feels comfortable enough to rock short shorts despite her bit of cellulite, good for her. It is not your job to be a critic nor is it your responsibility to make someone feel bad about her appearance.

This is also true when for judging girls who are “too skinny.” Body image is such a sensitive subject for many girls and there is no need to remind someone that her body does not resemble that of a Victoria’s Secret model.

Hating on a girl’s boyfriend — or just a boy she really likes — is not only rude, but also incredibly selfish. You should be happy for your friend — you have absolutely no idea what her relationship is like behind closed doors, so putting unsolicited thoughts into her head should not be on your agenda.

Not allowing a new member into your “clique” is a frequent occurrence. At my age, I assumed this would be a problem of the past, but I’ve witnessed so many women say they don’t like someone purely based upon rumors. People should base their opinions on how they feel not what they hear; give the new girl a chance — she may become your future bridesmaid.

I believe that if we could eliminate jealousy, back stabbing, name calling and all other petty behaviors that many woman employ, not only would we rule the world, but we’d smile and love more abundantly. Go and make a new friend today or give an old nemesis another chance; you may be surprised.

Photo credit: Mean Girls