Why Every Gen-Y Mom Should Hit The Pole

by Nora Moore

After my divorce, I decided I needed a change.  I was ready to try something new.

A couple of friends, who are also moms, told me about a class they had been taking: pole dancing.  The woman who started the class was the mother of two children. Little did I know the pole dancing class would be life changing.

The weekly class allowed me to escape the mommy world for a couple hours a week.  I got way more out of the class than a new collection of slutty lingerie and fantasy dress up clothes.

Pole dancing was bliss.

Two years of hitting the pole did wonders for my self-esteem, and I made friends with an incredible group of women: a banker, rehab therapist, psychologist, teacher and marketing exec.

We were moms by day, pole dancers by night.

Here's why every mom should hit the pole:

1. Stress Release:

After being mommy all day, you have to find time to regroup.  A mom carpools, puts up with other people’s kids at the playground, wears a permanent smile all day, and let’s not even start with all the endless questions her kid comes up with.  Let’s face it, moms need a break, too.

2.  Hello Six Pack:

Pole dancing is the gift that keeps on giving.  It's not just about dropping it like it's hot and learning to twerk.  It takes extreme strength, flexibility, athleticism and control.   The International Pole Sports Federation has been pushing for pole dancing to be a sport in the 2016 Olympics.  Within one lesson, it's easy to understand why.  After only a few months on the pole, I was reacquainted with a long lost friend: my waistline.

3. Go Girl:

There's more to pole dancing than just making it rain.  It's a great way to get your sexy back, or bring out your inner sexy biotch.  It's empowering.  Climbing to the top of a 12-foot pole, inverting and coyly descending down has done wonders for my confidence.

4. Bonding:

I took a pole dancing class with a wonderful group of women, who were mostly moms.  Regular get-togethers with these ladies generated a great bond between all of us.  We shared so much more than dance moves.  We laughed, supported each other and forgot all our troubles.

5. Spice:

If all else fails and you hate it, at least you will have learned some new moves to show off for your boo, or maybe to keep up your cleavage for snagging a boo. Think about all the kickass pictures you’ll have to display on social media, not to mention, a killer new profile picture with your cakes on a pole.

Pole dancing is more than just stripping off your clothes.  It's shedding layers of stress, guilt and responsibility that moms are carrying around in excess every day. Step outside of the box and experience the joys of the world of pole dancing.