All Pumpkin Errthang: Why Bitches Love Pumpkins

The number one reason why we love the fall season is pumpkins. Plain and simple. And to celebrate our love of all things orange, we've compiled the ultimate pumpkin playlist.

Here are the top reasons why ladies love them pumpkins, and why everyone else will be sure to jump on the (pumpkin-picking) wagon!

1. You Can Eat Them

Pumpkin pie is the classic staple and has fewer calories than pecan. Take that!

2. You Can Eat Them More Ways Than One

Mmmm toasted pumpkin seeds, better than potato chips! Pumpkin muffins, doughnuts, scones, bread, rolls, waffles, hummus, soup, salads, roasted, fries, mac'n'cheese, ravioli, gnocchi, pizza, glazed, dip, fudge, bars, cupcakes, cookies, oreos, sundaes and candy corn.

3. You Can Even Drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Liquified pumpkins!

4. The Only Vegetable We Get To Paint And Carve For Fun

Dayum, looking good!

5. Posing With Pumpkins, NBD

Who is more attractive? Pumpkin or lady.. or lady on pumpkin?

6. Pumpkin Spice

Same great pumpkin flavor with fewer calories!

7. Pumpkin Porn

Now that's hot.

8. More Pumpkin Porn!

Nice skills.

9. Pretty Pumpkins

Okay, too far. Someone has way too much time on their hands...

10. Everyone's Favorite Activity: Pumpkin Picking

Sometimes we just want to be seven again.

11. Pumpkins Are Perfect For Festive Decorations

Wahoo! These jazz up any party.

12. Cute, Wittle, Pumpkin Baby Costumes

What a chunk of pumpk!

13. Cute, Wittle, Baby Getting Run Over By A Pumpkin

That sucks.

14. Exploding Pumpkins

Boom! Bet you didn't see that one coming.

15. Pumpkins For Pyros

Those pumpkins are on fire! (...Get it?...)

16. Smashing Pumpkins

What a crowd pleaser.

17. And The Smashing Pumpkins

Arguably way more original than the above.

18. Dancing Pumpkins

You get on with yo' bad self!

19. Headless Horseman Finding A Makeshift Head Out Of...A Pumpkin!

Doubling as a weapon, very creative.

20. Could It Be?! Pumpking Twerking?!

Ugh, we totally had our hopes up.

21. Pumpkin Shaped Trick-Or-Treating Bags

Now aren't these just darling?

22. Pumpkin Scented Candles

So do we. So do we.

23. Puppies + Pumpkins

The ultimate turn-on for women.