The Sex Scenes We Can't Wait To See In The '50 Shades' Movie


Everyone knows that the book is always entirely better than the movie. Whether it’s because we pictured the characters differently in our minds or the scenes were completely altered, that fact cannot be argued.

When it comes to our favorite books, we hope and pray the director lines the script up the way the story was depicted, but more often than not -- that doesn’t really happen. We know "Fifty Shades of Grey" by E.L. James is essentially an erotica novel and having read the book, there is no way this movie can be rated anything less than R, as it gets pretty down and dirty. Personally, we’re hoping for an NC-17 rating, so that the movie can live up to its full potential.

Somehow this trilogy has sold over 70 million copies across the world, can you imagine how much revenue this film will generate? For those who have read the novel, you may think that E.L. James is in fact a high school student based on her writing technique. This may be one incident where the movie will prove to be better than the book, as everyone knows how well sex sells.

How will Sam Taylor-Johnson bring these sex scenes to life on the big screen? Will he create an epic masterpiece that will live up to the hype? Are Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam going to get as hardcore as Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey? If you haven’t read the book, you definitely should to know what we’re getting at. Even if you didn’t, take a look below to see which scenes we are looking forward to the most:

Christian Grey Swipes The V-Card

If you have read the novel, you are all too familiar with the part when Christian starts bugging out that Anastasia is a virgin after showing her his freaky, red room of pain. Well that’s awkward, isn’t it? As any gentlemen trying to redeem himself, he offers her an exit, which she surprisingly refuses.

Before Ana is deflowered, she experiences her first orgasm -- through Mr. Grey playing with her nipples. Maybe it’s her lack of experience, but that sounds pretty unrealistic to me -- hey, to each their own.

As Christian takes Ana’s V, she thinks to herself, “He rips through my virginity.” Well that’s just an uncomfortable way to phrase that. I hope when this scene hits the theaters, it’s a little less messy than it is portrayed in the book.

Scene Rating: R

Some Tasteful Kinky F*ckery

“Christian trails a spoonful of ice cream down the center of my body, across my stomach, and into my navel … He kisses each of my breasts and sucks each of my nipples hard, then follows the line of ice cream down my body, sucking and licking as he goes … He smiles against my neck, and his fingers curl around my jaw and throat, holding me fast for a moment.” ― E.L. James, "Fifty Shades of Grey"

Seeing as Anastasia was a virgin at the beginning of this book, I’m not sure how she’s all up for this sh*t, but I guess I would be too if I were sleeping with a multi-millionaire? Maybe? Probably not. This may not be what you’re into, but who wouldn’t want to see this go down on the big screen?

Scene Rating: R

Bitch Likes Herself A Beating

“This feels different than the last time — so carnal, so…necessary. He caresses my behind with his long-fingered hands, and I’m helpless, trussed up and pressed into the mattress, at his mercy, and of my own free will. He hits me again, slightly to the side, and again, the other side, then pauses slowly as he peels my panties down and pulls them off. He gently trails his palm across my behind again before continuing my spanking." ― E.L. James, "Fifty Shades of Grey"

This BDSM scene screams (no pun intended) PORNO, but, hey, this is what the actors signed up for. If any scene from the movie is going to be altered, I bet it’s going to be this one.

Scene Rating: NC-17

Anastasia’s Billiards Debut

Who doesn’t like a good game of pool? Well, this novel has taken the game of billiards to a whole new level. Replace the pool balls with Anastasia’s body and the pool cue with a ruler and you have yourself a wild, out of control sex scene.

Scene Rating: NC-17

These are probably the most pornographic scenes present in the novel. There are other minor incidents that do occur, but can the entire movie be sexual? Is that even a movie at that point or just simply porn? Regardless, I know where I’ll be when it's in theaters.

Be sure to catch this film when it hits the big screen on August 14, 2014. Don’t worry, if you have yet to read the trilogy, you have a year to catch up!