What Nightmares Are Made Of: The Creepiest Robotic Doll Ever Dances To 'Blurred Lines' (Video)

This doll gives an entirely new meaning to the term "pole dancer;" instead of moving up and down on one, it has a metal bar stuck in its chest, holding this demonic-looking robot up while it dances.

Artist Jordan Wolfson's latest creation — on display at the David Zwirner Art Gallery in NYC until April 19, if you must see if for yourself — is a scary looking robot that has creepily enough been programmed with facial recognition technology, which causes it to lock eyes with viewers and follow their gaze.

As this doll watches you, you can also watch it dance (and keep surprisingly good rhythm) to various pop songs, like Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines."

The robot, which is outfitted in a tight white dress and matching white gloves, has soot smeared all over its body.

But perhaps its most distracting (and disturbing) feature is the dark green goblin-like mask it wears as it bops along to different beats.

I'm not sure the impetus behind this particular piece of art, but it's terrifying — and its movements are also terrifyingly real.

H/T: Daily Mail