What Getting Your Life Together Looks Like For Every Girl At Each Age

by Elite Daily Staff

Even though it may not often feel like it, as each year passes, we are rapidly growing up in this world. And with each new age comes a newfound responsibility to ourselves.

Wetting the bed when you're 20 and throwing a temper-tantrum to the sales person when you're 30 just isn't going to fly. Here's what getting your shizz together looks like in the early stages of your life.

Age 11: Not crying at the sleepover. Toughen up, little girl! No need to cry now because in 10 years, you're going to experience the worst sleepover of your life -- having a roommate.

Age 12: No longer crapping your pants...getting your sh*t together, literally.

Age 13: Not accidentally throwing away your retainer. Just don't wrap it in the napkin!

Age 14: Graduating to bras. We all need some support every now and then.

Age 15: No longer going to the mall and buying unnecessary friendship bracelets and blue eyeliner from Sephora.

Age 16: Making it onto a varsity sports team. This is the high school equivalent of landing a secure job before you graduate from college.

Age 17: Completing and caring about school work. SATs and college applications are right around the corner. Get that shizz done!

Age 18: Senior year in high school? Getting your shizz together? Ya, right.

Age 19: Arriving on time to places. You finally realize it's not "cool" to be late; it's rude.

Age 20: Planning your own getaways because there's no such thing as "family vacations" anymore. It's more like, "weekend trip" and "friend's share-house."

Age 21: Retiring your fake ID.

Age 22: Finding a job and your place in the "real world." (Okay, so maybe the second part is a little ambitious...)

Age 23: Understanding that social media lasts forever. What goes up will not come down.

Age 24: Regularly checking your mail (no, not the Internet kind). You know, because you're 24 and have bills and grown-up stuff like that now.

Age 25: Drinking responsibly. Quarter-life crisis means you're recognizing your own mortality, and alcohol is only going to shave off a few years.

Age 26: Cooking your own meals and bringing a bagged lunch. Like you used to do when you were seven. Weird how life comes in full circle.

Age 27: No longer dressing slutty on Halloween. (If you've already stopped years earlier, kudos, you're ahead of the game!).

Age 28: Feeling satisfied from staying in all weekend. If only for the fact that you no longer know (or care) what the new trendy spots are.

Age 29: Knowing all the ways of a good Maid of Honor. You learned fast after getting your ass kicked the first time. Hold the train at all times!

Age 30: Recognizing all the similarities between you and your parents. And yet, you tried so hard not to.

Age 31: Morning runs, routine exercise and making your own juice cleanses. You've really got your shizz together!

Age 32: Feeling confident sending back your order. You know when you are right and when you are wrong. And now you've got the aplomb to own up to both.

Age 33: Switching to wine as your liquor of choice.

Age 34: Going to bed at 10 pm on a Sunday. Not like you have the energy to stay up much later, even if you tried.

Age 35: Saving your money...which you said you would start doing about 10 years ago. But, according to this list, 10 years ago you also just learned how to drink responsibly. Hmmm.

So, maybe it's not really about getting your shizz together as long as you are enjoying your life. Happy living, everyone!

Photo credit: Tumblr