What Do Guys Consider To Be Dating Deal Breakers?

We all have our dating preferences. For example, I would never spend more than 0.5 seconds contemplating whether I should go on a date with a guy who spends more time grooming himself than I do. Some women are into that, but I for one would rather say "no thank you."

Yes, women obsess over what they want in a guy, but I think that sometimes women spend more time thinking about what they absolutely would not be okay with. Sometimes, that makes the dating process much easier, and I personally feel like it’s more important to avoid what you don’t like in order to discover the traits you truly prefer.

But here’s the thing: dating includes two people. Who cares what you like and what you don’t like if the guy you’re pursuing has a completely different view point than you have? How do we know what guys would deal with and what they would say "no thank you" to?

Glamour Magazine conducted a survey to find out. The magazine asked 1,131 men what they would stick around for and what would make them walk away. If guy is dating a girl who revealed the following, the guy would…

84% of guys would stick around if the girl has been unemployed for six months, but 64% would spring if she’s been unemployed for two years.

78% of guys would give the girl a shot if she just got out of a relationship, but 87% of guys would spring if the girl out is still in a long-term relationship (I’m shocked it wasn’t 100%, come on guys…)

67% of guys would actually stick around if the girl he took out had a kid, 50% of guys would keep it going if the girl never wanted to have a kid and 73% of guys would sprint if she wanted to have a kid right now (a little too eager).

Good news ladies, it seems as if it takes some pretty serious reveals to scare off men. Are men more accepting than I thought? It seems so… Bravo guys.

Photo Credit: Getty Images