This Quiz Will Tell You The Perfect Lipstick Color For Your Soul

As a former professional makeup artist with a decade of experience in the beauty industry, there was one SPECIFIC product that I quickly learned plagued the souls of all women.

"Please, ZARA, tell me! What color lipstick should I wear?" women of all ages would ask me, their eyes filled with desperation. "I'm lost! I don't even know where to begin!"

At first, I thought it was a skin tone issue. And while yes, you do want to find a pigment that flatters your skin tone, I've found that it's deeper than that. You can find the right shade of red, pink, BLUE, mauve or beige to flatter any skin type if you look hard enough. Never listen to a smug beauty blogger who tells you that "Red just isn't right for you." RED is right for everyone. You just need to find the right red.

So I started asking women questions about themselves to find out their perfect lipstick color. The perfect lipstick color wasn't based so much on style or beauty, but on personality, sex, their opinions on life, love, and what drove them crazy.

Once I figured out those answers, I would lead them to the lipstick I thought would be perfect for their signature color. We all want a signature color, don't we?

So I decided to tap back into my former makeup artist roots, and simplify the process of finding your signature color with a quiz. Take this quiz and discover the PERFECT LIPSTICK to represent your soul.