5 Reasons Wearing Makeup Every Day Doesn't Make Me A Bad Feminist

A while ago, a friend of mine posted an article on her blog that listed all the reasons she didn't like to wear makeup.

It's expensive.

It’s bad for your skin.

It’s meant to cover up flaws, and women become too dependent on it.

This is all very true.

While reading her ideas, I started laughing because I agreed with all her points.

Women should be confident enough in their natural beauty to not feel like they have to wear makeup every time they leave the house.

Yet, even while I was thinking that, I realized I am one of those women who has to put makeup on before I walk out my door.

I don’t know if it's a good reason, but I feel incomplete when I don't wear makeup.

It's the finishing touch to my look for the day.

If I don’t have it on, I go around feeling like something is missing.

It’s not like I wear a lot of makeup or even know a lot about makeup.

I certainly will never have a beauty blog, and contouring is a foreign concept to me.

But, I do wear minimal concealer and foundation, blush, mascara and lipstick.

Sometimes, if I want to feel more formal, I’ll wear dark eye shadow and perhaps some striking red lipgloss.

My makeup routine literally takes me less than five minutes to complete.

I wear it all the time, and I absolutely love it.


1. I feel more confident with makeup on.

I know it sounds silly.

I know I should be confident enough in my natural beauty to go sans makeup.

However, whenever I put on makeup, I get a slight ego boost.

I look in the mirror and always think, “Wow, I’m really pretty.”

Don’t judge me; we’re all egotistical and shallow sometimes.

Having that thought in my mind makes me think I can take on anything and anyone.

2. Makeup enhances my favorite features.

I love my eyes, and they are my favorite part of my face.

As they are my favorite feature, I want to draw attention to them and share them with everyone.

Therefore, I use my makeup to enhance them.

I use mascara to make my lashes look longer and my eyes look bigger, thereby drawing other eyes to them.

3. Makeup can hide some less desirable features.

I’ll admit it: My skin is not perfect.

I have some acne and some uneven coloring.

Now, I’m not under the illusion makeup will make my acne go away.

In fact, I know there are some types of makeup that can make those scars worse.

But my makeup does even out my skin tone.

It makes sure my skin problems aren't glaring other people in the face, and it draws the focus away from them and onto something else, like my eyes.

4. Makeup can complete a look.

Like I said earlier, I feel incomplete without makeup, especially when I’m going for a specific look.

I love dresses, and if I wear a dress without makeup, I feel odd.

Dresses are super feminine, and so is makeup.

I feel witty and pretty when I have a complete feminine look.

I also wear makeup with jeans and T-shirts.


Well, usually when I wear jeans and T-shirts, I’m going for that fresh-faced, girl-next-door look.

Makeup just enhances it.

5. Makeup can be good for your skin.

A lot of types of makeup now have built-in SPF for sun protection.

Usually the number is pretty low (like 15), but that works when you’re just outside for a short amount of time.

Makeup is lighter than sunscreen, so it’s less likely to aggravate skin problems.

The only times I wear sunscreen on my face is if I’m working outside for prolonged periods of time or at the beach (because even I have to admit that wearing makeup to the beach is stupid).

There are also some really great products containing acne medication. (Thank you, Neutrogena!)

These allow women to wear makeup, while also fighting any skin problems they might have.

All in all, I wear makeup because of how it makes me feel.

I feel pretty and confident with it on, even if that is a bit shallow.

I love it, and I love the way I feel with my makeup on.

Wearing makeup is a preference, just like not wearing it is.

I don’t advocate that every woman should wear makeup, and I don't advocate that every woman should go barefaced.

I advocate that women should always do what makes them feel the most confident and comfortable.