Wear Gold Glitter Makeup Just Like Alice And Olivia's Runway Models (NYFW)

No one likes to look anything less than flawless, but sometimes that's easier imagined than realized.

During hot summer months, applying anything more than concealer (and maybe moisturizer) to your face can feel like a race against time. You may get a few blissful hours of coverage before it melts away, worn off by humidity and scorching heat.

Strike a balance between applying a full face for winter and embracing the last of your summer beachside glow. This fall, try out a metallic golden look that's big on highlights and sparkle. It's a subtle way to illuminate the face without looking like you accidentally spilled a bottle of craft glitter in your cosmetic drawer.

At this season's Alice and Olivia show during New York Fashion Week, Sarah Lucero, global director of creative artistry at Stila, designed the ideal transitional look to take you from summer to fall.

Find some natural light and settle in because this is your new go-to look.

What you'll need:

Eyeshadow primer Gold metallic eyeshadow Contour palette Nude lip color Liquid or cream illuminator Mascara

1. Start by opening up the eyes.

Celine Rahman

The first step is the most dramatic and sets the tone for your entire look. Lucero primed the eyes before using Stila's Magnificent Metals Shadow in Comex Gold and Gilded Gold to coat the upper lid and crease.

Those shimmery lids will catch the light with every blink, making it nearly impossible for others to look away from your mesmerizing eyes.

2. Shine a light on the highest parts of the face.

Celine Rahman

Lucero transformed her models into luminous angels, partially due to her focus on emphasizing bone structure.

Replicate the look by lightly blending dark contour powder — Lucero used the Shape & Shade Custom Contour Duo — into the hollows of the cheeks, edges of the forehead and chin. Then, blend the highlight color onto cheekbones and the bridge of the nose.

When you're all done, top those areas with a liquid luminizer like Stila's All Over Shimmer in Kitten.

3. Get a little bit nude.

Celine Rahman

Don't start unzipping your jeans just yet, we're talking about lip colors, not flashing. To complete the effortless but polished look, Lucero finished off with a swipe of Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Dolce.

Last, but far from least, add a generous coat of mascara to make your look pop. The bigger the lashes, the better, so Lucero turned to Huge Extreme Lash Mascara to work her magic. Brush your eyebrows neatly, and grab your bag, you're ready to face the day.